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Help My Power Clean!


I have a problem. When i catch my power clean its always too low. I know i should get under the bar more but i can't. I also end up with my feet really uneven and wide. Any drills or exercises would be really helpful.


Can’t see the video but sounds too heavy.


As you said it’s the foot work. You really need to not shoot the feet out so wide and really get those elbows through. I would do some work from the high hang position. I would also do some drop cleans to focus on that 3rd pull and quick foot work. Your issue is common but must be fixed. You should have the exact same footwork as a regular clean…you are just catching it above parallel.

Lastly, start at a lower percentage and really drill that third pull, fast elbows, and that footwork. Tape off a box around your feet and really try and keep your feet inside of it. Anyway…that’s my two cents. Good luck!! I had the same struggle before. Once it clicks you will be good. From this angle it’s hard to see if you are shrugging all the way back. Another thought.