Help My High School Strength Program

My High School Strength Program is competing in a competition nation wide on how Chocolate Milk plays an important role in their recovery! We were 1 of 10 schools selected in the nation! We are a very small school and would appreciate as many like, shares, and retweets. I will attach the links to the facebook and twitter page. It will directly send you to the video! Please help us out. Most likes, shares, and retweets wins! Grand prize of $10,000! Would go a long way for our TINY weight room!
Thanks everyone!

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This is the funniest thing i have seen allday. @khangles please roast this lmao.

You must be bored if you have to roast the youth who are promoting healthy supplementation. Troll…

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No comment lel. Let the kids have their gains.


“Healthy supplementation” are you sure you’re not a troll?

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So what would you like high school kids to take? Tub after tub of expensive protein? High school students need to know the importance of diet and whole food first. Not a troll…just don’t understand why you would “make fun” of our youth.

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“Importance of diet and whole food”, why chocolate milk?, that isnt exactly a very healthy option and i dont understand why you would brand it as such, nor advertise it that way… Especially since you want high schoolers to recognise the importance of “diet and whole food”. Im a high schooler myself…

Im not a high school student.
If you look at the link, the organization BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK is in charge of the whole thing. Research shows (I understand people have their own opinion) that chocolate milk has great protein:carbohydrate ratio that aids in recovery! I’m not making it up, its in the science! If you had a kid would you want them supplementing? Or using a healthier/cheaper source like chocolate milk and other whole foods.

I think we both can agree, if you supplement and have a crap diet then there is no damn point in taking supplements.

This is a contest. Not just something I have my students do for fun…

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Are you a high school student in Australia?

Im curious to know how your school system runs things when it comes to weight lifting

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Yes, There is no point in supplements if diet is horrible.

Have a read of that article :top:.

If i had a kid i would make sure they eat lots of whole foods, but no i wouldnt give them chocolate milk for “”“recovery”“”. However chocolate milk is okay but i would never promote it…
Chocolate milk is not better for you then supplements like protein powders etc. Theres nothing wrong with taking supplements. Supplements are perfectly okay for teens and can be used for that tiny edge.

Here is a quote from this Tnation article

“Is protein powder as good as whole food when it comes to improving body composition and performance?” Yes.

Since most bodybuilders and lifters eat multiple meals per day, it’s fast and convenient to supplement some of those feedings with protein shakes. And now we know it’s at least as good as whole foods for fat loss or muscle gain. So tell those pudgy dieticians to get off your back."

The organization is also, literally, supported by milk companies. From their main site:

So we understand where they’re coming from, it’s fundamentally a contest to encourage people to drink more milk. Period.

Surge Recovery comes to as little as $1.90 per serving, delivers higher quality protein and better carbs, and it can more easily be drank during training than milk.

Cost isn’t as significant an issue as some make it out to be. And yes, there’s an old blog post written by a coach who has a deep-seated vendetta against T-Nation that tried to directly compare Surge to chocolate milk. Links aren’t permitted here, FYI.

Agreed. But when you start teaching them “drink protein and carbs when you workout”, that’s stepping into the world of sports supplements and I believe it’s better to teach them efficient methods rather than compromising and shooting for the bare minimum. Chocolate milk is better than nothing, but it’s absolutely not the best choice by any definition.

Push-ups can be effective for chest growth, but they’re not the most efficient solution. Same idea here. You want to try winning the contest, cool, best of luck. But guys were using milk as a workout drink 80+ years ago. There are better options nowadays.


I never stated you were, i should have worded it differently when i said “im a high schooler myself”. What i meant by this is im a high schooler and i think it is false your students are advertising chocolate milk as “healthy supplementation” when there is other options a million times better, cmon man its 2017 not 100 BC.

Yes im a high school student in Australia. I dont really know how the school system runs things when it comes to weightlifting but its not really popular in schools generally. Im pretty much one of the only kids at my school who lift weights besides the boys who play rugby or basketball.

Gotcha. All in all im not upset or gonna lose sleep over this. Its a competition. I NEVER promote chocolate milk and beg my kids to take it, but at the same time I always try to make them aware of diet and healthy supp choices. I have kids who take protein supps…IM OKAY WITH THAT! This is just a competition and as you can see our weight room is horrible and $10k can go a long way for us! Best of luck in your HS career!

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Back in high school, Our football coach 100% told us to drink chocolate milk after working out. Small town thing I suppose, but almost none of us had ever used protein powder. Still had a few 500lbs+ Squats from high schoolers, so evidently steak, potatoes, chocolate milk and squats are still enough to get the job done, though i would never go as far to say chocolate milk is ideal or anything. Just that it can work as part of a solid diet.

Also note, I was not one of the 500+ squatters… broke 400 but never got to 5 plates :frowning:

Right on!

This sounds like an excellent opportunity for Biotest to run a parallel 10K competition for schools :slightly_smiling_face: :

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