Help My Hands!

In short, I dunk a lot. Every month or so I’ll rip off the callouses I’ve built up over the years. This doesn’t really bother me until I perform a lift requiring grip strength such as cleans or deads.

I’ve never used wraps because forearm/wrist strength is very important to my pitching. I’m wondering if wearing gloves will impede improved grip strength in any way?

Blood clots.

Grip and rip, buddy-- there’s no way around it. I rip at least one callous off every week.

How is it that you get bloodclots if you dont rip of the callouses?

I have to admit that I’m obsessed with grip so I might have some usefull tips. If you dont want to just deal with ripping them off, try soaking your hands in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Get one of those files women usually use for thier feet and, after you soak your hands file down the rough spots. You dont need the thick callouses to have tough hands. My hands are extremely soft (or at least thats what I’ve heard. :P) and I bend nails/metal with very thin cloth. Working on doing it bare handed, but this will probably take many years to build up to. Another great thing is Burt Bee’s hand salve. He’s that crazy looking bees wax guy who looks like he would probably be a T-man himself. Put this on a few times a day (when you are not planning on doing anything for a while because it is a little “greasy” on your hands) and it will keep your hands soft and tough, more leathery. Hope this helps a little and take care of those hands.