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Help my GPP Plan!


2 Days a week on off Days. 315 DL, 225 Front Squat

4 Sets
200 Foot Heavy Carries
Bear Crawl halfway Back (100 Feet)
Lunges with light weight raised over head (100 Feet)

Walk back to the weight and start again. 180 Seconds rest including walking. Progression will be to cut rest times 10 seconds per session until 90 seconds and then up the weight.

I have questions

  1. What should I carry? I was thinking about 3 45# plates and or a sandbag. How heavy?

  2. Is this suitable after upper body AND lower body days?

  3. Sprints or lunges?

sprints, get some farmer handles or u can make them, sandbag would also work, be warned bout your grip giving out the next day if u plan on dling