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Help My Girlfriend with her Workout Plan


Hello, my girlfriend is trying to loose weight and tone up. She wants me to write her up a workout routine that includes cardio and lifting weights to tone up and get stronger. What should I tell her to do. Also any females here have trouble loosing weight on the pill? She says that its hard for her to loose weight on the pill.


When you looked at the training and diet articles on this site, which ones seemed applicable to your situation?


have your girlfriend do her own research.

is she going to ask you to lift the weights for her as well? and ask you to cook and eat the proper foods?

sounds like its gonna work. yep.


there is nothing wrong with asking for help. everyone needs it sometimes. c-bear you are a sarcastic little pussy sometimes.

why is she asking you in particular, OP? do you have experience in the gym, and i don't mean doing a 5 day split where you train your arms twice a week.

that being said, i really hate it when people say they want to "tone up". it stinks of the media's avoidance of the work muscle when relating to women. so the first thing both of you do is learn NOT to use that word, rather think about gaining muscle and losing fat. also start thinking about training in relation to increased performance, not because she/you wants to "lose weight". the pill can be a bitch, if she has high estrogen already she is just adding to it and yes that makes it hard to dump fat from the problem areas. the solution: get off the fucking pill, get an non-hormonal IUD.

there is a zillion articles on this site, look for the basic full body training and avoid most machines at all costs.


Every time I hear that word, it makes me want to do bad things.

And never say "sculpt" in relation to your muscles, either. Contrary to biblical lore, your body ain't made out of clay.


You are kind of a bitch at times CBear. Are you getting your period or something?

The truth is, the above was kind of my thought as well. If she were really interested, she'd be looking into it herself. The best and most life altering changes are the ones we affect ourselves.

Yo Momma, as for body sculpting not being an option, you must not have read the thread on the emo chick and cutting. It looks to me like she has a good handle on sculpting herself. Unless you meant sculpting without blood and a knife.


once my girl accepted that lifting was not going to make her into a man, she started with two upper and lower days per week. upper days were the same lifts both days, but with different intensity... one was "heavy" and one was "not heavy". same for the lower days.

after lifting like that for a while and getting used to the movements, she started 5-3-1. i think she also does steady state cardio on squat/dead days, and intervals on bench/mil press days.

and while i agree that the best life-altering changes are the ones you make your own, it can be overwhelming to someone just starting out. if she wants to make a change but doesn't know how, i think it's perfectly fine to show her the way and get her started.


Hey OP I was getting things too complicated for a while then Yo Momma headed my lost butt to 5x5

You can use the SEARCH box to take a look at it. It was easy to do and remember.
here is a link to an article by Mike Mahler. Don't let the pics scare you! =) it isn't easy to put on a lot of muscle

For her cardio have her do something she enjoys so she actually does it.


YO MOMMA!!!! I am digging your new avatar


Thanks, and thanks for the callout on the 5 x 5.

Yo, OP;

I suggest getting "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. It's a great program, as it gets beginners to cut right to the chase of barbell and freeweight lifting. There's easy to follow instructions on proper form and it's a program you can go back to again and again (with weight modifications) for strength gains.


just sometimes? shit i'll have to work on that. i like being consistent, if i cant be anything else.


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I can help. I'm super-nerdy good at excel.


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