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Help My GF Out


Hey T-Nation,

I am looking for some help, specifically from the women.

My girlfriend is looking to lose about 10-15 pounds. For reference she is 5' 7" and around 150 pounds. Most of her body fat is stored in love handles and in her legs. She has been going to the gym and doing cardio for a couple months now. However, she hasn't done much lifting.

Obviously diet is going to be the largest contributor to her success, but what lifting program do you recommend? She wants to get bikini ready for the end of summer!

Obviously she needs to be lifting weights, which she isn't doing. But should she also be sprinting or doing other HITT workouts? Should she be lifting and then doing 20 minutes of cardio after?

Any advice you can give me would be awesome. I have been reading this site for a year or two now. But I have never had to worry about losing fat, so I don't have much experience there, especially with women.



look up a generic fat loss program for women, calculate macros see results


Tell her to pleasure you often and vigorously. HIT, no substitute.


HIIT is not necessary to lose weight. It is a terrific way to build up conditioning and your cardiac and lung health though (provided that you're working within the proper heart rate limit and not going beyond your heart's healthy limits afaik)

Is there any particular difference between losing weight between men and women?

Just lift something heavy 3x-4x week and walk a whole lot.



It's the same for women as it is for men. Eat clean and pick up heavy shit.


100% agreed.

But, Mat, be sure to encourage her not to just focus on what the scale says. Weight training is the best way to "tone up", but the scale doesn't always go down when you build lean muscle. I think the series of pics above shows the significance between building lean muscle versus just trying to drop 10 pounds. (Hint: I'd bet money that Pauline Nordin, in the middle, lifts more weight in one workout than the other two girls do in a month combined.)

This would be a solid set up for a beginner. 15-20 minutes of easy-ish intensity cardio (not HIIT, not sprints, walking on a noticeable incline is a good choice) right after lifting is a good start.

Joy Victoria's "3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train":

The more often you guys cook together, the better. The more you cook for her, as long as it's halfway edible, the even better-better. Shugart also has a ton of great recipes in here:

And I like this article for setting up a step-by-step nutrition plan: