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HELP! My friend's cycle has gone terribly wrong!


Well, not really. I just think it's always so amazing how guys on here happen to know so much about their "buddies'" and "friends'" steroid cycles. Even to the extent of exact amounts used, and very descriptive details of body parts and subsequent affects (i.e. "there is a big red rash on his left buttock, which he says has a burning sensation"). So either these guys are forgetting to tell us that their buddy is really their butt buddy, or could it be, just maybe, that these "buddies" are really nonexistant but merely the poster himself?? Look, ditch the 3rd person bullshit.
If you got the balls to be hittin a cycle, at least have the balls to get up on the board and admit it. If your "friend" really does have a serious problem, drag his ass to the site and have him get his own answers. I think thats what bein a real T-Man is all about. If you're paranoid of gettin busted, I think you've got more to worry about with your actual roids then postin up on some forum. And the rest of us wont tell your mommy about your cycle...Promise.