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Help my friends by just viewing!


Hi guys, so there's the compulsory hot chick image.

Im a student in university helping my friends out on their project. A video parody that's marked based on the number of views. Most numbers = highest mark, and hopefully getting them into final competition. All we need is your view! Just 1 click! more views = more hot chick pics!

btw. here's the link.


shit. sorry for double post. apology in terms of another hot chick pic.




A brief synopsis would help pull in viewers. People generally don't press links unless they know what's on the other end.


I'm just enjoying the pics. Fuck the link, I ain't getting rick rolled first.


I clicked the link.

The thumbnail of the video looks to be some really skinny guy sitting on a bed.

Underneath the video it says:


Any plot details? I'd hate to think that a "creative strategy for advertising" consists of posting pics of hot chicks followed by a link that was pressed on purely through the subliminal promise of more hot chicks at the other end.

Actually, that's pretty clever. Is that the parody?


No rick rolls, i promise. It's a video parody of the song by backstreet boys (BSB) - everybody, done by a group of friends of mine. If you've watched the real music video, it'd be somewhat similar in terms of content. They used the song as background music and recreated their version of the music video. So it's all safe.

Plot would be them dressing up as members of BSB and waking up in a dream as a group of creatures ie. warewolf, phantom, vampire etc etc. sing the song and wake up. thats about it.

You dont have to watch everything, just click play and that'll do. haha.

aint it clever? :slight_smile:


I clicked.. I'm ok with being part of a project :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched it. It wasn't great.