Help my Fat Friend?

My friend always complains about been fat… and she says she has tryed so hard and stuff…

Anyone seen some good vids / articles etc on the net of fat chicks losing weight and becoming fit…

Just to give her some inspiration…

Makes me sad… and i dont know how to help her.

Have her check out and read the articles there or get involved in the community. There are the tools she’ll need to combat her weight problem.

Send her here:

The Mighty Muffin

If it works, it should fill her with self-loathing and revulsion. Conveiniently, she will be at a site where she can get all the information she needs to go from fat to fab, or whatever the alliteration of the day is.


trying to be friendly and supportive of her current habits won’t do a damn thing, she needs to get ANGRY at herself, angry at what she has become otherwise any good habits she makes won’t be permanent

north america has developed a friendly and supportive atttitude towards the obese and then we wonder why the hell they don’t want to change

don’t sugar-coat the facts towards her, tell her blatantly it’s hard work and it’s long term (a LIFESTYLE, not a “diet” or some 6 month change or some crap)

← FFB, used to be 260, over 30% BF at 5,8

If she wants to lose weight and gain confidence, she needs to get to a crossfit affiliate with qualified trainers who will walk her through the fundamentals while instructing her on workouts that are manageable, yet challenging. Moreover, the support in crossfit gyms, for beginners, intermediate and advanced, is world-class.

Although, as most of us have learned, it is discipline in the kitchen and at the table that truly leads to weight loss. Almost impossible to out-train a bad diet, unless you are using steroids. She should check out Dr. Eades’ website ( I think) and for nutritional information. Low carb will get her there, if she can make it through the first little jolt…

As Coach Rippetoe noted, he has never seen anything better for fat loss than crossfit and the zone diet. I echo his sentiments 100% in terms of fat loss. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of discipline, suffering and hard work.

IMO, someone without any level of fitness should not self-help with crossfit. Find a good affiliate and talk to the trainers for a while to ensure their qaulity.

Thanks to all of your replies.
Now for part 2 of my plan…