Help My Dog Win This Pet Contest!

NAME: Hannibal

WINNER GETS: $30 gift card to a fitness store.

I could really use this, thanks so much if you can help out. You can vote once a day, you just have to like the page then you can vote for him. Voting ends this Thursday. Thanks so much!

44 views but no replies or votes? ahh that’s kind of sad. oh well, ok.

Something isn’t working right. I liked the page but it didn’t change anything, just a picture of a puppy in a pumpkin.

hmm, you should be able to just like the page then click on the “vote” tab on the bottom right hand corner of hannibal’s picture. is that not working?

Nope. There are two boxes, one to enter and one to vote, both at top center. No dog named Hannibal and it stays on that page no matter what you click.

You gotta like the organization first b4 you can vote. You owe me a favor senior good luck to the dowg!

It was pretty glitchy though

watch out for the dreaded Hannibal Virus.

lol hannibal virus? i hope you’re not implying there is a virus connected to this. it isn’t at all, it’s just a fun contest that supports a good cause. i was just hoping to win to earn a $30 gift card to get some new running shoes for my wife.