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Help My Diet

Hey guys,

I stumbled on these forums a while ago while looking for some MMA videos and stopped by to check them out. I’ve been browsing and reading heaps of stuff for a while now and while I’m not unfit or fat I’ve decided to finally get into a shape I’ve always wanted, that of an MMA fighter. I have no intention of ever fighting professionally but in my opinion those fighters have the best look and practical strength for everyday life (and from what I’ve read a large number of you agree with me).

At first I wanted to get everything perfect and started going through a large backlog of the articles but I finally decided to just start doing something and then tweak it along the way. Today was my first day of my attempted diet and I was hoping to get some comments about it.

First a bit about my stats. I’m 19 and live in Sydney, Australia. At the moment I weight 77kg (170lbs) and am 176cm (5’11).

I have been going to the gym for a while on and off but never really had a defined program. So at the moment I’m about here (these are the max figures I have)
Bench - 4x80kg/176lbs
Squat - 8x100kg/220lbs
Deadlift - 8x90kg/200lbs
Military Press - 5x40kg/88lbs

My goal is to be around 80kg(176) with body fat in the single digits. At the moment I have decided to bulk up a bit (for 8-10 weeks) hopefully reaching 85-87kg(190lbs) and then cut down. (Heard that one before haven’t you?)

4 Weetbix, 250ml Skim Milk, 200ml Yoghurt Drink, 30g Protein Powder, 1 Orange, 1 Apple
TOTAL Protein - 61.8g
Carbs - 134.7g
Fat - 3.4g
Calories - 816

3x5 Deadlift 2 sets 70kg 1 set 90kg
3x5 Squats 90kg
3x5 Pulls ups (3 on last set)
3x5 Dumbbell Flys 12.5kg
3x5 Bench Press 50kg-60kg-70kg
3x5 Preacher Curls 20kg
3x5 Triceps Extension 10kg

After Workout
160ml Skim Milk, 50g Berries, 40g Protein Powder
TOTAL Protein - 45.5g
Carbs - 19.1
Fat - 1g
Calories - 267.4

250g White Rice, 100g Salad, 250g Chicken Breast
TOTAL Protein - 81.1g
Carbs - 80.5
Fat - 10g
Calories - 736.4

Mid-Afternoon Snack
90g Salmon, 100g Almonds
TOTAL Protein - 34.7g
Carbs - 7.2g
Fat - 63.8g
Calories - 741.8

One Hour Squash (Wasn’t planned, some friends just rang me up)

After Squash
340ml Skim Milk, 50g Berries, 80g Protein Powder
TOTAL Protein - 91.05g
Carbs - 29.15
Fat - 1.7g
Calories - 496.1

150g Tomato, 150g Cucumber, 50g Radish, 100g Broccoli, 50ml Virgin Olive Oil, 15ml Balsamic Vingar, 250g Lean Beef, 1 Fish Oil Capsule
TOTAL Protein - 80.6g
Carbs - 17.5g
Fat - 62.6g
Calories - 955.8

Before-Bed Snack
100g LF Cottage Cheese, 50g Almonds TOTAL Protein - 28g
Carbs - 5.2g
Fat - 28g
Calories - 384.8

Protein - 422.75g
Carbs - 293.35g
Fat - 170.5g
Calories - 4400

Since I don’t ussually have that much cardio in the afternoon I won’t be having a second protein shake so that brings down the figures on a regular day a bit. Basically I am following chad’s total body training program and gyming mon,wed,fri and I’ve also tried to follow the massive eating diet. As this is my first attempt at designing something like this I would really appreciate some feedback so I can tweak this into something that’s actually good.

Thanks a lot, I know this is probably going to end up being a really long post.

Alright, been on this diet for a week now so I thought I’d ask you guys to have a look at it again (please, no on replied as you can see). I’ve been eating pretty much what I mentioned in the first post, but of course switching it round like fish for dinner, lean meat for lunch, turkey instead of chicken, different veggies etc…

I gained about 3kg (6.6 pounds), does that sound right, I thought it was kinda a lot for one week, or does it work the same as when losing wheight, first week always has the largest change? This is rough though, I used my bathroom scales, I’ll probably try the digital ones at the gym this week.

not an expert by any stretch of the imagination by my 2p. diet etc looks pretty good not much to say about that.

for your post workout drink might want to look into buying some fast acting carbs (eg dextrose/glusose/maltodextrin) to add to the protein. most of the authors here would recomend more carbs than protein immediately post workout. look at the ratios in Surge to get an idea.

as for the weight gain 3 kgs in a week does sound like quite a lot but then u r a newbie therefore may make faster initial gains, also if you didnt do the weighing at the same time of the day both times then that would have affected the result. i wouldnt worry about it unless you start to add lots of excess fat.

hope this helps

I make it a point to never worry about small weight gain (< 10 pounds) because there are too many unknowns. If you’ve changed your diet, you may be retaining more water due to increased salt or carbs. It could be the time of day. You might have more crap in your intestines than before. The list goes on and on.

There’s simple no way, on the diet and activity you presented, that a 6-7 pound weight gain in one week can be completely attributed to fat and muscle.

My diet is similar to yours, and I initially packed on nearly 20 pounds in the first month. But considering I’d just started taking creatine and increased my carbs substantially, much of it was water.

In the two weeks since I last weighed myself, I’ve gained two pounds. That’s what you really should be looking at. See how much you weigh in a week or two. I’ll bet that you won’t see another 6-7 pound increase.

Other than that, I like the diet.

Thanks guys. I weighed myself at the exact same time and day of the week just a week apart, but I’ll se how thigns go in the long run. And yeah I’ll deffinetly add some carbs to the post work out drink. I was actually under the impression that proten was more important than carbs after workout but I guess you’re right. Thanks

Are you planning to actually train in MMA, or just want to look like you do?

Essentially what you are going for is a large amount of muscle with a lot of leanness. Though some fighters are skinnier than others.

Any particular fighter you wanted to look like?

I don’t plan on training in MMA, although I’d love to, and I don’t actually have a decent excuse of why I don’t, but in the near future I don’t plan on it.

I don’t only wanna look like the fighters I wanna be able to perform to their standards (I know its unrealitic without actually doing sparring and technique trainign but I wanna get as close as I can).

I don’t really have one person I wanna look like but gennerally like the guys in the middleweight division. I do realise I’m gonna have to pak on muscle and drop the fat for leaness that’s why I plan to cut after I finish with this diet.