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Help My Diet

Ok so I’ve been reading about an hour a day past 3 weeks on weight lifting nutrition ( bit much but i’m really interested )
First thing in the morning I eat 3 serving of oatmeal regular ( 1.5 cups with 2.5cups water ) I also eat 2.5 servings of tuna in water, and a shot of olive oil…(14g)I also take a vitamen

Second time usually around noon (5 hours later) because of education, I eat 3 peices of fruit banana/apple whole, 1 serving of milk, and a sandwich with 3 servings of ham, (white bread because of convenience)

Third time around four or five (post workout) I eat 1 serving of oatmeal a protein shake(made water) can of tuna or chicken breast shot of olive oil and a vitamen

Fourth time around 7 oclock I eat tuna/chicken and shot of olive oil

Fifth time around 10(bed) gotta get sleep :), I eat tuna/chicken,shot of olive oil and vitamen…

So please I’m not asking for ratings or anything unimportant like that I simply want to know how to improve/better my dietary intake… I also mix in carrots, and protein shakes between all of these guideline meals. I don’t take any supplements because I’m still month away from 18 :confused: I want to take crea/NO

Thank everyone who helps alot and I appreciate it greatly Sincerely---------