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Help My Buddy With Shutdown


He ran primo @ 600mg a week for 16 weeks and 50mg var weeks 8-16 now he says hes completely shutdown, liitle or no sex drive but his strength is still there he just stopped primo and var last week, what do you guys think? i told him dumb to run this with no PCT but too late now, thanks!!!


Yes, dumb.

Great thread btw.


just wondering how to help deal with it, is this the right place to ask questions? Why are you always so arrogant with people who ask questions, if you know the answer then what is your problem? just answer it what is the big deal ?


Tell him to run PCT now...


You asked if this guy did a dumb thing. I said yes.

It appeared that you knew that 'run pct' is the right thing to do. Help dealing with what? Your friends idiocy? Sorry, idiots can't be fixed.

You think my answer was arrogant? How bout you ask a coherent question, instead of making a post in broken English. Then you can bitch about why you get an "arrogant" reply. This isnt a mind-reading forum.


Never asked if it was dumb, i know it is , but asking what to do going forward since he dosent have PCT available will it be too late to start it after he gets what he needs, it may take him a few days or maybe even up to 2 weeks, just asking you are kind of a dick to people on here


Im a dick because I expect people to present clearly stated questions? Grow up.

He should order a SERM now. And use it when it comes. Doing PCT later is better than doing PCT never.


Dont have him run a PCT, let him suffer


I wish this site would block access to people with smartphones.


it is a clearly stated question, if you READ the original thread i ask "what do you guys think" so maybe you should read the thread more carefully before you jump all over ppl


This just made my day, hahahahah.