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Help My Brother's Student Film By Voting For It


www.studentfilmmakerawards.com. vote for Modern Mimes by Lucas Frison from the University of Regina in bracket 4 he's currently behind in the voting. It only takes a minute and would be much appreciated. Thanks to anyone who helps out!


Youtube link?



You can watch it right on the voting site! Should have mentioned that.


Just voted for it. Saw the whole thing through. What a fun/cute video except for the creeper who couldn't adhere to standard social constructs regarding public scenario cold approach :d


Thanks to anyone who voted, he made it into the Final 8 out of the original 64 films so he's pretty excited, another round of voting starts on Wed!


I'll give this a bump for you. Just voted for it in round 4.
OP, you and your brother from Regina?


Thanks, and yep both Regina boys.