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Help My Ass!

Picture a 6’3" white guy playing basketball…got it? Now, do you see the way his shorts fall flat over his ass as if they were on a hanger? Yeah. Now picture that on a 5’2" girl. See my problem? No matter what kind of shape I’m in I NEVER have a butt. I’ve put myself through nearly every workout program on this webpage, and countless others. Can someone please tell me the secret to growing a butt??? Please help.


Some are more endowed than others when it comes to that area. However, I have never seen anyone who performed full squats over a period of three months or so, who did not improve the size and shape of their derriere.

Work in the 10 to 15 rep range with only a 2:00 rest between sets. Perform six sets twice per week. I think you will see a vast improvement in well under three months time.

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heavy deadlifts and squats, eat, repeat.

Zeb and Scott are right

Scott’s right on the money when he says EAT

Gotta eat enough to grow/gain weight, this is of utmost importance.

Like ZEB suggested stick in the 10-15 rep range, more beneficial for inducing structural hypertrophy, but you can add straight leg dead lifts (lock you knees, it puts more emphasis on the glutes) and Natural Glute Ham Raises. You wont be able to perform these to the 10-15 rep range starting off but they work the glutes really well. The last one I will suggest are full lunges with a barbell on your shoulders (use a mini bar or padded exerbar at first to get used to the movement). These hit the glutes really well also.

I don’t know if it’s good for growth but my but gets pretty sore from doing one legged split squats. I think they are called bulgarian split squats.

possibly doing some movements for the psoas muscles. I have read that tightness in the hip flexors leads to a posterior tilt of the pelvis which in turn would give you the illusion of a swayed butt. movements like squats and deads should do the trick.

Try this:

and this:

I like pullthroughs.

sorry meant anterior tilt

full squats and high foot position leg presses with knee hitting the chest. There is no way you can’t build glutes like that. if you’re not getting sore then you are not using high enough volume and or intensity. laters pk

Full powerlifting squats and deadlifts will work wonders. I’m a 5’4" 167 pound powerlifter and the ladies love my big butt.


I suggest you to read:
“Previous Issues” No 227, “The Bulk-Building Workout” by Ian King.
It’s a 4 days split:
Day 1 Squat + other exercises, day 3 Deadlift + other exercises.
I agree with the other T-Forum contributors: you have to eat properly.

Thanks everyone. But I do squat, I do deadlift, I do use a high foot position in my leg press, I do use weight with lunges, and I do eat enough. What I don’t do is make my butt sore. My legs get so sore I can’t drive, but not my butt. What other exercises will target my glutes?

Bev, then it’s not the exercises you’re doing that are failing to give you the results you want. It’s the set/rep scheme or the level of intensity.

Read up on Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training (EDT). ABBH (by Chad Waterbury) is also good. Try both. Alternate.

Re your diet, how much protein do you eat per day in grams, how many meals? Finally, how much has your scale weight increased in the last 6 months?

Heavy lunges. Do lunges straight forward or diagnal. This always hits my ass adequately. I usually feel like someone punched me in the butt with a sledge after doing some good ol’ fashioned lunges.

What about Sumo deadlifts? Have you ever tried those? Or the REALLY wide squat?

Of course, it could be genetics?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – forget fancy routines and “Limping into November, Vol. 12,” with all due respect to the esteemed strength coaches and trainers on this site. There is a simple, one-word answer to your dilemma: SQUAT!!! And SQUAT DEEP!!! When you’re done with that, DO IT AGAIN!!! You don’t need a fancy routine, just warm up and then do three sets of, say, 8-12 reps approximately once every 4 or 5 days. Go BELOW parallel.

The U.S.government should mandate, by law, that ALL females in this country, at age 12, be taught to squat, squat deeply, and squat properly. There is NO excuse for every female in the land not knowing this! It’s simple, NOTHING on earth will build you a nice round ass like squats (believe me – NOTHING!!!), and yet NO ONE seems to be aware of it. Find the squat rack and STAY there!!!

Rant over. (Thank you).

I’m absolutely shocked that nobody’s mentioned good mornings yet. Talk about feeling it in your ass! (ummmm…) I just started Westside last month and all the posterior chain work has hit my hammies and glutes HARD. For right now, I’m more interested in strength gains than i am in size gains, but if if hypertrophy was what i was looking for, i would be quite pleased. Its not that I ever consciously neglected my hams, but the volume, intensity and frequency i was hittign them with is childs play compared to what i do now, not to mention all the unique exercises. all i ever did before was curls and strait leg DLs!! I’m telling you, go with Westside

Like JackZepplin said lunges seem to target the glutes for me. Also, and I know this sounds kinda zen… But I try to focus on using my ass when I squat. Sit back deep (like sitting into a chair) and be sure to keep the pressure firmly on your heels (my toes almost come off the floor doing lighter sets). Finally at the top of the motion, I squeeze my cheeks hard! Id be surprised if you could get something out of those puppies.


Most likely you’re unable to fire your glutes properly so any exercises you do aren’t going to be very effecive. There are probably also some postural issues that you could work on. This is not uncommon. I’ll see if I can’t find some links to some stuff that might help you because I’m not going to try and describe any glute activation drills.