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Help my ASS

I’ve started to notice my leg strength and development coming to a nasty stop. Having access to a Chiropractor (gotta love medical benefits!!!) he was testing my lower body. He came to a conclusion of a few different things. 1. My glutes are weak and don’t fire properly 2. My psoas is tight and weak 3. My core (both lower back spinal errectors and abs) are not strong enough to support my upper body weight. Can anyone help me solve these problems??? I want to fix these probelms ASAP. I’m 5’8 215 19%BF and I need some help.

I have the exact same problems, symptom for symptom. I too would like an answer, please keep in touch

For #1, follow Ian King’s advice. It was presented in one of his newer Heavy Metal columns and the article on the recent SWIS conference- “An American Jouralist in Toronto”.

hmm freaky… so the chiro said you have a problem with this that this that this but then he doesn’t suggest a cure? freaky… anywho maybe you should lose some weight eh? can’t hurt…

Yah beleive it or not the fuckin guy didn’t suggest any exercises to solve the problem other than crunches… duhh… anything else??? The whole time I felt like he was rushing me or something

TVA’s. Do a search of previous articles. Also side bends, Russian Twists. I’d think the leg firing/weakness may be nerve related (I’m surprised the chiro didn’t suggest a course of spinal manipulations). Stretching may help.

Do you also have poor hamstring devlopment and flexibility? Also, what exercises are you currently doing (or not doing) to develop core strength?

We need more info…

I also have a pretty tight psoas, but I’ve been able to loosen it up a bit with lots of stretching, and I’ve found reverse hypers to really get a good stretch in that area while also strengthening it.

Wow a chiropractor that gave you some good answers! Amazing I thought they just crack your back… Do u Squat??? That might be the answer. Because Squating works the whole lower portion of the body… and stretch the psoas!

I do this really cool thing on the lying leg curl machine and I’ve got my boyfriend to do it too. When you perform the lying leg curls, follow all the necessary protocols for correct form - however after curling the weight up - you lift your thighs off of the pad for some extra “ump” in the rep. Remember to not point your toes - I like to do several reps of this type of leg curl at the end of my set. Y’know where I got this from? From our dear First Ms. Olympia, Rachel McLish. This was her way of solving the “saggy butt” thing. I thought she was pretty successful…Anyways, this should give your glutes and hams a added “kick”. Oh and reverse hypers - which you can find out how to perform on this site. THOSE kick butt (no pun…) too…

give the westside lifting a try, at least for lower body. it will make you bring up your weak points (core, hamstrings) then you could do some lunges as an assistant exercise to maybe help your glutes.