Help My Aching Hip Flexor!

Ok long story short-

ABout a year and a half ago tore my left hip flexor (minor tear not totally detached) Took a great deal of time off legs and worked back in with unilateral stuff which brought the strength back to that side. A few months back had a pain in my groin that I thought was a hernia (definatly not the hip flexor) so got lots of tests done on that side of the groin doctors said my hip flexor looks 100% better.

So on to the issue-

Finally worked up to my previous 3RM my last squat workout (215x3 at BW of 140) and felt strong. however soon after the workout my hip flexor felt tight and is aching today.

I’m looking advice on how/when to stretch and specific exercises for the afformentioned pain. I lift 3 days a week squating the 1st and 3rd and doing step ups the 2nd if that helps.

JNeves, I’ll assume you know how to do a psoas stretch. The best advice I’ve seen on stretching is that it should be done on your off days, 3 or 4 days a week. Hold the stretch (each flexor) for 30 seconds, 3 or 4 times each.

So I guess we’re talking about a 4-minute investment 3 or 4 times a week. The benefit comes not from some huge, concerted, frenzied effort because you’re hurting, but rather in the matter-of-fact, systematic and CONSISTENT application or practice.

Good luck, and I hope you’re feeling better in short order.

Oh, one last thing. Have you ever considered ART?

I really want to get ART but don’t have the cash, and also I have started stretching every off day and I think its allready helping ( I did this for a long time but stopped out of laziness which is probably what caused the problem)

Make sure you are totally warmed up prior to your workout. Personally I like to a few min of light cardio to break a sweat, then go through a dynamic warmup which includes multiple movement planes to prepare my body for the workout. Obviously if you workout is going to be a lower body workout most of the dynamic stretches should be for the lower body. However, if you hip flexor is tight and a problem with your squating, static stretch it prior to squating in order to slightly inhibit it. Static stretch again when you are finished with your workout then apply ice to the area. Also, you didn’t give many details on your workouts, but maybe think about giving your legs an extra day to recover and only work them 2 days per week instead of the three you listed.

tampa-terry is right. ART is the way to go. I hear you on the money thing though… I have a significant deformity in my quad from when i tore it months ago, but I still haven’t been able to get in for a treatment. having said that, nothing you do at this point will totally solve the problem. stretching is fine, but no amount of stretching will break up the scar tissue you undoubtedly have from the injury. best i can say is do what i do… save your pennies and get some ART as soon as possible. Talk to some guys in your area if possible to make sure you are seeing the best ART guy you can.

Also, down the road (not sure how old you are if you are insured), look into prolotherapy. if you damaged the hip flexor attachment even minutely, prolotherapy will strengthen the damaged connective tissue. and

best of luck.

Do what most powerlifters do to protect their hips, buy a loose pair of squat breifs and i am sure the compression they provide will reduce your problem.