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Help! MOOBs....How do I Get Rid of These?


so, ive been reading this site for a few weeks now and it has really great information. i have been training and dieting for a few months now but cant seem to get rid of this stubborn fat. HELP any suggestions??


You need to give more info':
how old are you, are you training (wts / cardio?) whats your diet like? how long have you had this?
They are often temporary (from the surge in hormones produced during puberty).


If it is pseudo-gynecomastia (fat tissue, unfortunately placed), then all you can do is lose the fat.

If it is actual gynecomastia, this thread may be a help.



Having nipples that aren't perfectly flat does NOT mean "gynecomastia".


Have your doctor check it out if your that concerned, I have breast tissue under my right nipple. I am not even 20 yet so I am hoping it will go away after 21. IMO Just get everything else right (diet,training) then worry about an aesthetic nipple.


im 24 5"10 155 lbs. ive had these for a couple years now.... i train with weights 3 times a week with some HIIT in between. what would be the best solution for fat loss for me. im obviously not fat or have much muscle.


What do your three days of lifting look like? And your HIIT days? Also what is your usual diet composed of?


Why would someone like you be looking to drop more weight? Even if this weren't a weightlifting/bodybuilding website that would make no sense. Any fat you have is going to stand out BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MUSCLE ON YOU. So why would someone as small as you choose to become even smaller instead if gain some muscle?

You have no muscle on your chest. that is WHY your fucking nipples stand out compared to anything else.


Well that is what I wAs wondering as well. Should I try to lose fat now and then build muscle or builde muscle now then lean down afte that? Should I use a supplement such as Alpha Male? I'm a hard gainer too so any suggestions??


So I do split workout days. Chest n back. Legs n shoulders. Arms n core. All sessions last about an hour with some cardio after. My HIIT is about 20-30 min of 30 sec high and 90 sec low. My diet is salad w olive oil eggs turkey chicken some carbs. Not really the best diet yet but I'm working on it.


OP, no offense but u have absolutely no muscle on your chest.. If you decide to lose fat i'm pretty sure you will see the bones on your sternum before that "fat" around your nipples disappear.

From the photo it looks like you're "skinny fat"... Just focus on exercises that hit your chest.. I'm pretty sure when you get more developed this will go away.


Honestly, bump your protein to 200-250g a day. Eat consistently, especially breakfast and a big meal before and after you lift. Get your bench to 1.5x body weight, deadlift and squat 2.5x body weight and you will notice a big difference in body comp. Thats what i did (still doing except i have bigger goals now)I used to have a body similar to yours its working great for me. Consistently get stronger, consistently eat, and consistently get a good amount of rest and you will fill out. Its foolproof just have to put the time in.


How long have you been "working out".


From the pic, it just looks like you could lose more fat overall. From the scale weight... I dunno.

There's a good chance more muscle + less fat will help out your look in a big way.


Eat big. Lift big. Sleep.

Next week: Eat bigger. Lift bigger. Sleep.

Week after that: Eat even bigger. Lift even bigger. Sleep.

Repeat until you're over 200lbs.

Then reassess your situation.


There's a chance? Anyone telling this guy to lose weight has screws loose. I know that isn't exactly what you wrote, but even making an issue of him not being contest lean (which is all I can assume from making a point that he could lose more fat since HE'S REALLY SKINNY) makes fuck all sense.


LOL. I think we can answer all new guys posts with 3 simple sentences:

  1. Eat more
  2. Put on more muscle
  3. Don't ask any questions until you have put on at least 20 pounds so we have an idea you have basic knowledge about diet and training.


you could see that from the original picture..

theres no need for you to start thinking about losing that fat... focus on getting bigger... that will give you a better result in the long run..


That's one of the most distrubing pictures I've ever seen.