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Help Mobilising and Strengthening area around T12 veterbrae please?


Any suggestions/exercise ideas for mobilising and strengthening that area would be gratefully received :slight_smile:


Why that specific segement?


reverse hyperextensions with PERFECT form works for some.

for others it just makes the pain worse, I'd recommend isometric training for them

Dont forget to maintain a correct posture 24/7, this is important


Yes, why?

But anyways, for mobilizing, all you need is thoracic extensions on a foam roller, and maybe a thoracic rotation movement [see vid].

Strengthening: just do exercises that for your rear delts, rhomboids, and low/mid/upper traps.


Thanks for the replies, I received a compression fracture of T12 (No disc problem) and get some referred pain in my abdominal area, I also have some trouble recruiting muscle in my lower back area on my right side.


By lower back area, you mean lumbar erectors? It's my opinion that you shouldn't train those directly, they are just along for the ride in certain movements (dead lift, reverse hyper, hyper extension, etc). Use your legs and glutes, let your lumbar erectors stabilize and support.


what caused this compression fracture?


Apologies about the colossally late reply, I received the compression fracture whilst squatting.


A history of what was done medically as well as in therapy would help. Also include your current exercise program (if any), what you've been doing since this took place, and any other information you believe to be relevant.

The very few knowledgeable people here (and NOT the frauds pretending to be something they're not) will also appreciate it if you did not wait three years before your next response.


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