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Help Measuring Body Fat

I have some questions on measuring body fat. I just got a fat track 2 digital caliper and I am not sure the right way to do it.

I tried to follow the instructions but they are not real clear on how to take the measurements. The first time I got 13% (which I think is low) and the second was 19% (seems closer to me). I’m trying to figure out the correct way so I can begin to track my diet progress a little better.

Does anyone have some pointers? Pictures would be ideal.


Check out an article by jason norcross in the authors section. In it he goes over how to properly take bodyfat measurements using a caliper. Good luck.

Actually here is the link:



I have a Fat-Trac II Digital Caliper, as well.

It’s hard figuring out exactly where to take the measurements by going off their less than helpful drawings.

Here are some things that helped me out:

  1. Make sure you plug your initial info in correctly, i.e. age, height and sex.

  2. Take measurements over and over until you get consistent readings.

  3. Remember that this is very inaccurate. Use the calipers as a tool to measure progress - not BF%.

If you are consistent in where you take the readings, regardless of what the BF% reads out - you should be able to see changes from week to week. That is what you are really looking for. To get an accurate BF reading - go to a pro.

Thanks. I looked over the article posted and I think that will help. In it they recommend taking three readings at each spot and they provide the calculations to use. he also says to check it daily for the first two weeks to get a feel for it. I think that is a good idea. I did get a six percent variation the first two times I tried it. Also he helps a little on how to pinch and where to pinch. I think the manual calc is going to be a bonus since I believe the digital caliper is calibrated for a certain method which I doubt I can duplicate.

Your right though, I am not as concerned with what my actual BF is but whether it is going up or down in total.