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Help me

I just bought 2 bottles of your mag 10 and tribex 500 but I havent started the cycle yet but now Im worried cause a guy at my gym said that it would do nothin for me cause Im only 18 and my test is already high!!! Did I wast my money??? Does this mean I wont make those awesome gains??? If I followed the surge program and took the two bottles of mag 10 and tribex what can I expect?
Thanx guys

Sure! It doesn’t even matter if you don’t eat lots & train hard!

  1. MAG-10 does not work by increasing test alone. It works other ways. 2) Bill Roberts has always said that the high test in teens thing is a myth. 3) Steroids work for teens, so why wouldn’t MAG-10, which is a legal type of steroid? 4) Most companies say “not for those under 21 (or 18)” not because it’s bad for them but because teens tend to do stupid shit, like take 3 times the amount of fat burners they need or otherwise abuse the product.

    That said, as long as you know how to train and how to eat when “on” , yes, you’ll make great gains, probably more than most people because you’re likely very far away from any genetic limit. Just learn how to eat and train or no supplement will help you. Be sure you read the MAG-10 Plan for Success article at T-mag.

yeh tell whoeve told you that to go fuck themselves, im 18 and have had 2 test levels done on me 130 ng/dl and 160 ng/dl, now do u call that a fucking high test level, if u do u should investigate some of richard simmons training programs they are specially made for peep like that

Thnx guys that makes me feel a whole lot better.