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Help Me!!


Hey. I have been bodybuilding for 9 months and i have been trying to get six packs for over 2 months now. My first problem is this. I had a flat belly but from the time i started for six pack, my belly just pooped up.

Is it because of my eating habits or something else? and when am i going to start seeing my six pack? Do i have to do a proper diet? If so can you send me one? Thank you for your support.


honestly.......really good post!


Really really good post!


Abs and whether or not you have a six pack are a function of diet & genetics.

Some people will never have a six pack; it will always just look like a lumpy blob regardless of body fat.

That being said, everyone is born with a six pack, you need to lower your body fat to "get them". So yes, if you're working those muscles and they are getting bigger, but you eat like shit, they will just push the fat out, making your gut look bigger.

I'm assuming you're young, in which case, forget about having hawt abs, and do compound lifts for a year or two. Worry about getting strong, real strong, and then worry about having hawt abs.


And another thing, don't ask someone to do your research for you. You won't learn shit that way.

If you want a diet critique, make one and post it, don't ask someone to give you a link to the one of thousands of diets out there. Again, you won't learn shit from being spoon fed something.

If you have specific diet questions fine, but don't expect people to lay out the nuts and bolts for you, if your serious about lifting, you have to learn how to do it. This site has a TON of information on it.

I suggest you read every article you can until the yellow type on the black background makes you see spots, then sleep, eat, lift and read some more. Do this daily until you learn.

First starting lifting can be daunting, and alot of people end up wasting the most productive stage of their lifting lives doing stupid shit (like worrying about a six pack). Don't be one of those people. Learn some of the amazing amount of FREE information on this site and apply it.


Read everything, starting with the stickies.

Eat, lots of good clean food.

Lift, bust your ass on a pre-designed program for someone of your experience and goals.

Come back and fill us in six months, or ask to clarify any questions that arise.


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Look up different excercises for abs. Their are probably dozens of efficient forms to go by. Really I think it comes to diet, and yes genetics play a factor to. Genetics depict whether you will show a 2-pack 4-pack 6 or 8-pack. I think if you kick it the gym twice a week for abs you'll see good results. I do the twice a week gig. As for diet, just eat good and cut the crap out. Shouldn't be that hard, it will take a couple months to really show.


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