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Help Me With Pinching



I am getting a little frustrated trying to estimate my body fat %.

I am 171cm (5'8'') and 73kg (160lbs). My waist is 87cm.
Now if I do "tape measurement" (height : 171, neck 37, abdomen 87) the calculator gives me 20% bf.

If I try calliper method (Jackson/pollock formula). I get :
chest : 14mm, Abdominal : 20mm, Thigh 14mm and the calculator display 14% bf.

If I try iliac crest measurement (from accu measure table) I can pinch 12mm which gives me 13.6%. If I try to pinch a little on the side (directly above the middle of hip bone) I get 14mm). To be able to pinch 20mm (which would be 20% bf) I have to pinch a little farer than directly below my armpit)

I am obviously doing something wrong here :slightly_smiling:

Do you have any tips of proper pinching technique for callipers ? How to locate iliac crest ? How to estimate bf% from other measurements ?


It sounds ok to me. Most body composition tests arent very accurate. The most accurate is +/- 1.5%, but the normal calliper or anyother method that doesnt need a few thousand dollars worth of equipment is goning to be around +/- 4-6% (or worse). So your probally somewhere between 14 and 20%. The best thing is to just look at your self in the mirror.


If you put this much effort into training you'd be the envy of every person on this forum.