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Help Me with My Tren Cycle!


Hey guys.
I've been reading up on Tren and it's anabolic effects and tbh, I want to try it. It sounds awesome.
It will be my second cycle. My first was Dbol-40mg a day for 4 weeks/Test E-600mg twice weekly for 12 weeks.

Had little water retention from the test as was brought up as a concern by many vets but fortunately didn't affect me too much, got some amazing pumps and a little strength gain from the dbol but didn't really enjoy it or get the results I had seen others get.

My pct was nolva and clomid. 100mg clomid for 2 weeks and 50mg 2 after. And nolva at 20mg for 4 weeks.
Kept all but about 3-5lbs so about 20lbs in total.

Age 23, 85kg (About 190ish lbs?), 5'10, 9% BF, 2.5 years natural, 3 months on gear

Now, second cycle. Tren...
I'm going for Tren a due to its fast acting ester. Better getting a punch knowing to dodge in the future or prevent it at least than be whacked for weeks if I react badly to it.
I'm going to taking test to keep my test levels up during cycle.

Looking to take test e due to its longer ester and so to keep my test levels balanced with two pins a week. I'm planning on starting the test first obviously from week 1-10 depending on when it kicks in and then Tren a week 4-10 so 5 weeks on Tren as a lot of people recommend. Shorter ester. Shorter cycle.

I'm going to have caber on hand as well as nolva and clomid as well as arimidex.

My questions to the guys who know their juice is..
I've seen different variations in dosage. Some say 100mg a week, some say higher. What's a good dosage to minimise sides yet still get the benefits Tren has to offer?
And do you recommend test e or go for a shorter ester?
And pct. What's a good pct?

I think I've covered everything. If I haven't, bring me up on it and hopefully I'll learn as much as I can :slightly_smiling:


Try different doses and see. Every one responds different I've done 250 test E/ 500mg tren E and had no sides and I've done 1000mg test P/ 500mg tren A and no sides. But I would try lower dose test high tren first go around as most people say the sides are less.

Only thing that really got me was night sweats here and there and the zero cardio.

I'd do no more than 250mg test e, and at least 400mg tren.


Also run the caber, and use an AI. I prefer hcg as well.

The same pct will work.


Okay thanks for your feedback man.
Still though...

Test e / Tren a
Good stack?

1-12 weeks for test and 5 weeks after test kicks in for Tren?
Longer cycle? No, yes?

And caber.. Never used it for obvious reasons never had to use it before so how am I dosing it at?


uhhh how much CC's you pinning ED to do that 1000mg test P/500mg tren A?


Just over 2.25 mls....every day.


Yes, a good stack.

Cycle looks good

Caber is usually dosed .5mg 2x a week. I'd start it when you start the tren.


Why not Prop and Ace?You're likely pinning E2D with the ace ,just mix them,and you can slowly move up.Tren is quite powerful,and can bring on insomnia.The ratio of the test is an individual thing,some people prefer a little more than the tren for their sex life.Others swear by a low ratio of test for minimizing sides.


i would run
Tren A 75-100mg EOD 1-8 weeks
Test (depends on what kind of test you get) I would run test prop
What are your goals bulk or cut?


FYI EOD 100mg of Tren is NOT enough to see the drastic changes people talk about it, you will see amazing improvements but no were near like ED shots at 500mg/week(most would say 700Mg/week) is required to see the drastic changes.

but 100mg on tren EOD would be something I would do for the whole 12 weeks of a cycle and extend it for extra 2 weeks of just test prop.


I completely agree. I did tren at 350mg a week and it wasn't till I went up to 450-500 till I saw the drastic improvements. Only way id run low tren if it was for 10-12 weeks.

Running tren for 4-8 weeks I'd run no less than 400 a week. But that's my opinion and experience. And there's no problem running tren with any test.