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Help Me With My Fat Loss


Ok so I've never been much for diets and stuff but about the past month or two I've been managing to keep a fairly decent meal structure. The only problem is I have a massive sweet tooth and I end up eating a tonne of sugar. Either way Here's what I plan on doing for my diet.

7:30 - 8 oz water, one scoop BCAA's

11:00 - 8 oz water, one scoop BCAA's

3:30 - FEAST 2-3 large chicken breasts, one plate rice, half greep pepper, 2 whole eggs, 500ml of milk, one scoop protein powder (about 150g protein, 90g carb, 40-50g fat)

Pre Workout - Candy bar (for anti insanity purposes)

Post Workout - High protein meal (mom cooks this one)- typically like chicken, mutton, fish, etc.

It's kind of a weird diet, but I have a weird situation going on with life, food, school, etc.

Anyways is there any tips you have for me? Any other info I should give?


Well, what kind of goals do you have? Mass, Tone, Strength, Shows?




This looks fairly solid actually. I would recommend drinking some kind of protein or BCAA's through your workout, but that's all I've really got.




Well definitely not shows and I've never been sure what tone is. My goal is to get stronger while losing fat.


I would swap the timing/position of "feast" and "post w/o" so the the majority of your calories & carbs are after you've trained.


I would, and I've tried that (having the big meal PWO), the only problem is life and a lack of time.

I generally have something similar though, just without the milk and eggs.


How about moving the milk and protein to preworkout with oats and eating real chocolate instead of candy. I used to have sweet tooth too, between coffee and 90% chocolate its pretty much gone. With the chocolate, break it into little pieces and let it dissolve on your tongue.

If it is too close to workout, you could also put the milk and protein in before bed so you get two post-workout feedings.

Don't get me wrong the candy bar may be harmless physiologically, but if it is triggering other sugar consumption, then maybe you would be better off without.

Also you didn't mention vegetable intake or fruit save for half a green pepper, so maybe there are some improvements to make there.

If both your main meals are high protein, moderate fat, and reasonable carbs, your body may need a little more carbs and this too could explain the situation.