Help Me with My Diet Please

Okay, so I ve been training for quite a while now, but recently I had an injuries and my form is not great. I am 180cm tall, 18 years old, weigh 85kg and I would say about 18-20% of body fat so a LOT. I got exactly 3 months to get in shape, by that I mean lose atleast 5% of that body fat to get under 15, something around 12% would be great / or screw percents I just want to get rid of belly fat and love handles. From what I read from T-nation articles, its possible to lose fast and gain muscle at the same time and use my excess fat as an energy for that muscle gain. I know that I should be in caloric deficit and I just dont know how big one. So I made some basic diet plan and wanted to ask you what you think about it and what should I change
breakfast :

3 scramble eggs + slice of bread around 350kcal
school lunch which vary a lot but its mostly meat and rice or potatoes so I guess around 500kcal
chicken breasts 150g + rice 100g (cooked) = 300kcal ?
tuna/170g/ + pasta 150g = 600kcal
protein 1 scoop around 19g of protein 100kcal
cottage 250g 162kcal

that is around 2000kcal and I guess my maintenance is around 2500kcal ?
So what is your opinion about that ?
Thanks for any help !

Edit: I train around 6 times a week, high intensity low volume type of training

There is a video ofBen Bruno literally under this. Look at the video.

Oh, why would anybody eat 500 calories below maintenance unless you are trying to make weight…

1 # of body fat has 3500 calories, therefore cutting 500 calories a day should theoretically burn 1 # in a week (500x7=3500).

I’m not in any way approving that, but it’s everywhere. That’s what we’re taught in school