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Help Me with My Deadlifting Form

I think it looks quite good neutral back position, high hips, tight at the starting position. I am not sure you have an idea back angle You getting close too bending too far over IMO. Perhaps more experienced people will comment too.

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Is there a reason you are pulling in weightlifting shoes?

Thanks, I have made some adjustments since the time I took this video. I am sitting back more and trying to get a flat back more

yeah because my gym doesn’t allow barefoot and those are the only flat sole shoes I have

They have flat soles, but they also have a raised heel, which is what you want to avoid here. You might consider a cheap pair of chuck taylors or a similar knock off.


Why do you want to avoid the raised heel? I have always heard that you want a 0 to 3/4" incline for all weight lifts.

Who did you always hear this from?

Trainers, other lifters, etc.



The SS guys do recommend using weightlifting shoes for their support, but I think they limit it to the novices.

Who specifically? Are these people worth listening to? If so, listen to them.

I get where he is coming from, as he seems to treat the deadlift like an assistance exercise for the clean based on his form advice. It’s weird, but the logic follows.

I like to pull convential in oly shoes sometimes, Its like doing a built in deficit deadlift, I do a more clean style deadlift once a week, and deadlift bare foot another day. I wouldn’t say its super limiting and do what feels good!

Like others said a tad more of a 45 from hip to back for a flat more upright position. One thing that I have learned to help me do this and also might help with the flat feet is… when you are pulling you should be pulling against the bar before you pull off the floor. Almost like the bar is a counter balance for the body. Hard to explain. But next time you pull, pull back against the bar (like loading up) then pull off the floor. It will help put you back in the correct position too. I hope this makes some sense & helps.