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Help Me with My Cycle

Hello T-Men,

I am planning a cycle and wanted to run it by some experienced users to ensure things look okay. I would appreciate your feedback.

I am in my mid 30s, have been training for about 15 yrs on and off. I have minimal previous AAS experience. My first and only cycle was about 10 yrs ago. It lasted about 2 weeks, I had to cut it prematurely. I didn’t really see any real results from it, maybe 1-2lbs and a bit of strength. I also tried Clen around that time. It seemed to make me stronger.

My goals are to gain long term, quality LBM. I want to avoid blowing up, and want to avoid sides. Hair loss in particular is a concern as I am prone to it. I also need full use of the equipment before, during, after, lol.

Here’s the plan:

  • Weeks 1-12: 1.5cc Test enanthate (250mg/ml) every 3rd day [equivalent to 875mg/week)
  • Weeks 13-18: 0.2cc Test E every 3rd day [equivalent to ~115mg/week)
  • Weeks 19-24: tapper Test as follows 2 shots each every 3rd day at .17cc, .14, .1, .09, .07, .05, .03 [equivalent to ~100mg/w, 80, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20]
  • Weeks 1-12: .5 mg A-dex a day
  • Week 13: .25 mg A-dex a day
  • Week 14: .25 mg A-dex EOD
  • Weeks 18-24: 20mg Nolva a day

Total for the above is 45cc test, 45 tabs A-dex, 43 tabs nolva

Thanks for the input

you may want to look into doing a “stasis” period if you’re planning on a taper. I personally am not a fan of this method, not because Ive tried it and had bad results, but more because i feel i would be shut down for to long , even running the low doses I feel would be enough to be shut down.

I recommend running 750 mg of test run your AI concurrent at .25mg or .5mg EOD and taper into pct. PCT consisting of Nolvadex dosed at 40/40/20/20 two weeks after last test injection. May also want to include hcg at 500iu a week from week 3-12.

MAny have run a cycle like this with similar pct with great results. Seeing as this is your first “real” cycle, i believe this would be easier without all the extra pinning. My .02

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I believe the “statis” period is where you will use the nolvadex, not during the actual taper, according to prisoner’s protocol. Again, I don’t advocate the use of this statis period as i believe it just extends the time of suppression an additional 5/6 weeks, however long you are supplying your body with an amount of testosterone greater than your body’s natural production.

Weeks 13-19 would be my stasis period. I’d be getting about 115mg Test E a week during the first 6, ~100 on the 7th. I taper off Arimidex fully by week 3 of the stasis. I think 100mg/week of test is non-suppressive, allowing restoration to occur. Then I start to tapper the test and begin Nolva. In my understanding this is consistent with Prisoner’s recommendation (except that the stasis would be 7 weeks instead of 6 and the first 6 are ~115mg instead of 100). I was trying to use up all the 45 ccs of Test.

Have I misunderstood?

Also interested in other thoughts about HCG. Would it be needed? Any benefit to it given the dosages I anticipate running? I may be prone to gyno (have puffy nipples despite being lean) so i was thinking to keep A-dex at .5mg/d to be on the safe side.

Thanks for the responses

[quote]Bob A wrote:
I think 100mg/week of test is non-suppressive, allowing restoration to occur.

And this is exactly what I said I disagreed about.

Bushi, how would you alter the A-dex dose? I’ve read recommendations to go with a quarter tab daily or half tab every other day. Is that your preference? I don’t want to risk gyno…

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
He is doing a stasis period from weeks 12-18 @ 115mg/wk.


I must have misunderstood, thought the stasis was a period where you weren’t taking anything allowing levels to drop way down and then begin the low dose test. Whoops , obviously not my expertise.