Help me with my career.....

Hey, im gonnabe graduating high school this year and im lookin for a minor. I know i wanna own a business, a gym and a bar. I also want to get a degree in something gym related. What kinda degree.

Well kinesiology and physiology would cover the gym related stuff, and management would cover the business owning part. However, you don’t need a college degree to do any of that. Its nice to have, and it makes you look reputable, but you don’t need 4 yeard(at least) of college to tell you to that income minus cost is profit. Just my opinion though.

Business would be the definite way to go, with a minor in kinesiology, physiology, etc. There is more to business than just income minus costs. You need to learn marketing techniques, analysis tools, forecasting methods, payroll tax and basic accounting, as well as some sort of organizational behavior as it deals with your employees and your clients. Also, business will also cover Business Law. This will prove critical, as you will learn the differences and legalities of sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, franchising and incorporating. The nuances of these will come in handy when deciding how to handle potential problems with creditors (you’ll learn of the portential risks). My two cents.

Find some mentors that can show you the ropes, answer questions, etc on owning these types of businesses. Mentoring will do more than formal education, as most business professors never owned a business.