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Help Me With Calculations

Ok I’m going to get 10g of 99% pure Anavar powder.

I’ve ordered some gelatin caps and a machine that can pack them up, now the hard bit, calculating the mix.

I’m hoping to make 25mg caps so I can take up to 75mg a day depending on how I respond to it.

So if I add 400g of mannose powder to 10g Anavar powder I’m going to get a concentration of 25mg/g


or do I take the 10g away from the total so only add 390g mannose.

Also I chose size 0 gelatin caps, would they be big enough?

Does anyone know how much powder they hold, they are described in volumes and I have no idea how that translates to powder.


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This link might help, if it doesn’t get through PM me and I’ll send it to you.


Excellent guys, cheers!