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Help Me With a Shoulder Problem


Was doing pullups lastnight with 90lbs attached. I decided to do them on the square of my rack and ended up hurting myself in the last set. All along my left shoulder blade (on the outer edge) it hurts, especially when I turn my head, and flex my traps. What happened? Did I get a muscle strain? Should I take it easy and lay off upper body stuff for a week or so?


I should also add that it hurts most when I look down.


if you are talking about lateral edge,then it could be strainer Lat, Teres Major or Subscap.
however - they are not involved in head rotation, so that could be strainer Levator Scapula or Splenius Cervicis or Splenius Capitis...
i'd wait a day or so and then go and see good ART Provider.


Definitely. And don't look down.