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Help Me Understand This Pain

On Friday I was doing standing biceps curls.

I was feeling very good so I loaded the bar heavier then usual - it was 55kg total.

I did 2 sets x 10 reps at a higher speed and with some cheating, because my theory is that even if you are cheating a little the added weight will spark growth and soon it won’t be necessary to cheat with that weight.

I did 90 sec rest between sets. The lest set the guy I was training with told me to try to do the curls with perfect form.
I tried it and managed to do 4 reps and then i felt a sharp pain in the back (left lat area) that i can still feel a little.

Did anyone here experience this? Does anyone have an idea what could cause this. I think I need to strengthen my back a little, especially the lower back as I think it didn’t do a good job of stabilizing the torso? Would some good morning stars strengthen the lover back and what else you recommend for it?