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Help Me Understand Receptormax Better

I have been taking Receptormax on and off and it seems to do something, but I would like to understand better what it does and how it does it to get the most out of it, hence the following questions:

Is Receptormax an insulin mimicker?
Does Receptormax activate GLUT4?
Does Receptormax work in part similar to Phase 2?
Does Receptormax work on a relatively low-carb diet (no more than 100 grams of carbs a day)?
Does Receptormax work better with carbs?
Does Receptormax “block” carbs in any way?
What is the difference between taking Receptormax before consuming, say, a steak with broccoli and eating the same meal without taking Receptormax?


Call customer support. That would be your best bet.

Post response here.




Amazing on how many people need to be hand held.