Help Me Understand My Labs, TRT with Clomid

I have been doing a little research to figure out what I need, I feel like I have made progress but wanted some guidance from others that know more.
I regularly lift weights 4 days a week, also get a little cardio in. I also play in sports several times a week.
38 years old, 5’6", ~162lbs.

On 2/12 I had some bloodwork done. I was extrememley tired, loosing ground in the gym, foggy memory.
T Total (lc/ms/ms) 206
Free T 32.1
Bio Avail 67.4
The Dr at the time wanted to go straight to injections. He got a little mad when I asked questions so I found a euro for a second opinion.

More bloodwork on 3/5. The only difference in this and the 2/12 was the time of the day the blood was taken.

308 250-1100 ng/dL
50.0 35.0-155.0 pg/mL

Dr had me take Zink and Magnesium each day.

Bloodwork done on 4/6. I didn’t really feel any different after adding the zink and magnesium.
352 250-827 ng/dL

At this point I was prescribed Clomid. I take 25mg EOD, along with the zink and magnesium. For me this seems to be working. I have energy and feel better. I have been a little more irtable, but I dont’ think its anything to worry about.

I had more bloodwork done on 6/22 and was happy to see the following.
846 250-1100 ng/dL
165.5 H 35.0-155.0 pg/mL
47 H < OR = 39 pg/mL

Is my estradiol high or where it should be?
Do I want to try 50mg of Clomid eod?
Will I need to suspend taking clomid?

My next appt is tuesday, any guidance? Dr. has been open to me asking lots of questions and seems receptive to me learning and understanding this road I will be on.

47 is high but not too bad if your not symptomatic. It could be easily managed with low dose anastrozole to optimize. Ask your doc for it. Hopefully they will hook you up. I wouldnt increase the dosage from here though. Those are good high numbers. I’m on trt and I dont have those numbers. Hope it all works out boss.

Thank you Alldayeveryday for the response.

Followed up with the Doc. He was happy with the progress, asked alot of questions. I am not totally symptomatic, but I did have a few minor complaints. With those in mind and the higher estrodial he has me switching my dose to 25mg every 3 days. During the few weeks I have been on the clomid I felt like I peaked, then came back down a little and have stayed steady.

Im open to any thoughts, I’ll update again so if someone needs this down the road there’s some follow up (I found alot of reading that stopped in the middle).