Help Me Understand My Lab Results

Hey Fellas,

Im a 20 years old guy from Europe. During my teenage years I was alwways the most sporty and active kid around. However, ca. 2 years ago, I suddenly developed Varicocele (Abnormal dilated testicular veins). During the last 2 years me having the varicocele, my testicles became smaller especially the left one. In addition I have pain in my balls due to this.

However what made me go and check my hormones was the fact that I was getting weaker and weaker as time went by. In addition I feel constantly cold and have zero morning or spontanous erections.t My hips are wider too, I used to look athletic even with low muscle mass due to my narrow hips and wide shoulders.

Here are my blood test results. Could you tell me anything about them ?

SHGB = 27,7 nmol/L
Total Testosterone = 430 ng/dl
Free Testosterone = 10 ng/dl / 0.318 nmol/L = 2.13 % /

TSH = 4.8
T4-Free = 17 pmol/L

Any input is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

You can repair the varicocele with surgery.

You have hypothyroidism. This can be from iodine deficiency or a thyroid autoimmune disease.

We always need lab ranges with lab results. They are not universal or memorized.

Ask for a thyroid panel that checks for autoimmune markers and free T3, free T4 [fT3, fT4]

Thyroid lab ranges are stupidly broad. Most doctors then call many real problems “normal”.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
fT3, fT4, T3, T4 should be near midrange.

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Is iodized salt available there and do you use it?

Where are you? There are important regional factors.