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Help Me Tweak My Program


I'm currently 6'2" @ 150 lbs w/ 8% body fat. Over the winter my goal is to bulk to 158+. I'm very good at using my body in soccer to muscle players off the ball and win in the air and such, and I'm looking to gain size and strength to play more to my strengths.

My focus here is strength and power, I have my cardio/sprint conditioning down (this includes plyo's).

Whey-morning and post workout
Multivitamin Daily
Glutamine-post workout anti-catabolic
3200+ calories a day (shooting for 30/40/30 fat/carbs/protein)
Considering Casein before bed, worth it?

Large focus on compound lifts, main points will be Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Lat Pulldowns/Pullups, and Power Cleans.
3-8 rep range with compounds, and between 3 and 5 sets. (usually something like 8,6,5,4)
Lots of core work for stability, abs, obliques, hip flexors, lower back, groin and glutes.
I NEED a full body workout. strong and fast in every area.

I will probably go M/W/F with the above gym work and Tue/Sat with cardio/plyo's

shooting for 9+ hours of sleep a night

Is there anything I'm missing or anything that could be improved? suggestions greatly appreciated.

also, no creatine or prohormones, i'd rather work hard and earn it.



This article should give you a better idea of how much you have to eat to gain weight. 3200 calories a day is likely not going to be enough, especially because you are doing high intensity cardio.

Are you planning on doing 3 - 5 sets of every one of those exercises 3x a week AND sprints on your non-training days? I could be mistaken, but that seems like an awful lot of volume. You may have better success going into an upper/lower split or a push/pull/legs split. If you are really going hard enough, I don't see how you could do 3-5 sets of deadlifts or power cleans.


No, you don't...but if you WANT it, you try with a 5x5 template (just google Bill Starr or Madcow or Stronglifts). Those program will fit your M/W/F schedule. Throw in some biceps/triceps/shoulders isolation work at the end of each WO.

Well, you could have posted your actual diet and training...food quantities, daily exercise selection, reps, sets, etc...

LOL ! ! ! Creatine is a supplement, just like whey protein powder :slight_smile:


beeee careful! creatinez is teh sterioidzz!! only cheaters take creatine.


You're 6'2"...if you want to fill your frame you should aim to 185-190 lbs at least...unless is a typo, your "bulking goal" won't change dramatically your look nor your performances.


Dude, at 6'2" and 150 pounds, I'm not believing for a second that you're "muscling" anyone anywhere. And I'm speaking as a former 6'2", 170-pound guy.

Post-workout, you want calories (preferably copious amounts of protein and carbs). Glutamine, in terms of muscle recovery, is pretty inefficient. There are several ways to design your workout nutrition. The most effective is having something during your training. 40-60 grams of whey mixed in fruit juice would be a fine start, something like Surge Recovery would be even better.

Casein before bed would be fine, preferably mixed with whole milk and a few hundred calories-worth of other goodies.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Since you're currently so underweight, bulking up a whopping 8 pounds, as someone said, will have little to no impact on your appearance or your performance. I suggest you use these articles to design a nutrition plan:

You'd rather "work hard and earn it"? Bro, that kind of misinformed attitude won't be winning you any friends around here. Creatine certainly isn't a way to not "work hard or earn" your results. Even prohormones, which are pretty moot at this point, don't somehow allow you to get around the basic need to work hard in the gym.

I like where you're trying to go with the focus on big lifts, but as an athlete, you do have certain needs that should be addressed. For example, unilateral exercises (single leg work like step-ups and lunges) are very important for strength, speed, and injury prevention.

I suggest you stick to Joe DeFranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards 2:

It's three days of lifting and two or three running days each week. DeFranco made a name for himself by doing just what you need done... turning fast, talented, tiny athletes into fast, talented, muscular athletes.


Ditch your lat-pulldowns, add in push press.

Drink as much whole milk through the day as possible (at least 64 oz).

Eat lots of meat, supplement with vegetables and fruit.

Get on a good beginner strength program like Starting Strength or figure out your 1RMs and do 5/3/1.

I used to sweat my program like you are now, but I've had the most success just concentrating on big lifts and supplementing with whole milk and meat.

I think a better split would be:

Monday: Squat & Good Mornings or Glute-Ham Raises
Tuesday: Push Press, Chins, & Sprints about 3-4 hours after your lifting
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Deadlift & Power Cleans
Friday: Bench Press & Chins
Saturday: Sprints mixed with explosive lifts like DB/KB Snatches or Hard-Style KB Swings; or sled pulls/pushes.

Don't forget to keep up with your plyo work, just don't do it in the 24 hrs preceeding your squat (you need to be fresh for that since it's probably the most important of all exercises).

All of your big lifts should get 3 work sets (3-5 reps with heavy weight), and 5x10 of medium weight for hypertrophy.

Drink a pint of milk within 10 minutes of lifting.

I use a GYMBOSS timer to help me drink milk every hour or so.


Just saw your comment about all the "core work".

Your core should be getting plenty of work in all of those compound movements you're doing. Try Overhead Squats if you want more stability.


fandango: i'm not planning on every exercise i listed every day m/w/f. that's also not all i'll be doing, mondays and fridays i will cut down volume tho (3x4 or something like that).

either way i don't consider myself old enough to be using prohormones, and i've heard creatine is hell on ur system.

158's not the long term goal, it's just a reasonable goal over the winter with my metabolism. and that's also why there's the + at the end. setting my goals in small chunks works best for me.


yes va3808 whole milk i'll definately be doing. like i said, the exercises i listed aren't all i'm doing. but compounds are the focus. good call on the good mornings and i like ur split, probably change excercises up a little but thanks. prob plyo's on thu/sat if i do something like that


At 6'2, 150lbs you look like a skinny bitch to everyone around you. I'm the same height myself and only started to look like I lift at about 215.

Learn to eat:


I am planning on doing my first figure contest. I am currently 5'5 174lbs and 18% fat. I need help with my diet any sugestions are greatly appreciated. I have been told I need to get down to 135 minimum and have 12 weeks. I have hired an expensive trainer in my area who is a professional bodybuilder however I cannot afford the dieting schedule from him until next month so any advice would help. I have been trying to eat around 1800-2000 calories but may need to do even less. I teach bootcamp 2 times a day running about 2-4 miles a day as well do crossfit workout 4 times a week and going to be training with the trainer 4 times a week. Suggestions breakdowns of macronutrients etc are appreciated


like i said, my goal in lifting is to become stronger, faster, and a better athlete. not to look bigger. thanks though