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Help Me Train for a Job of a Lifetime

I’ll try and keep this as short as possible…maybe this will help others too. I’m new to the forum and I have never been a seriouss lifter but I’m not a complete newb. I’m big on form and have no problem asking someone to criticize me at the gym if I feel I’m friggin something up. I have a very good chance for a pretty psysically demanding job in the paramedical field and I need to increase my strength and endurance to the max in the next 10 months. I’m 42 years old, 5’7", 170lbs and about 24% body fat (no medical issues). I’ll also mention that my sex drive has been sh!t this past year so I’m probably low in T as well. But I have a plan in place! I just need some advice especially since my time frame is fairly short considering my starting point.

Diet: I figure I need to start with a cut to about 15% BF. I’m doing very well, macro wise, on a 1900 cal 40% protein 25 fat 35 carb diet over the last month. I’ve dropped about 7 lbs thus far (like 4lbs in the first week) and dropped a belt hole. I try to save my carbs post workout. I get the bulk of protein from food but I do have a shake most days because of time constraints.

Lifts: I’m following the 5x5 StrongLift plan 3 days a week (considering 4th day). Each week I’m upping the weight 5 lbs a week although I feel I’m almost maxed out on the bench. Squats 210; OH press 120; deadlift 275; bench 170; barbell row 135.

My goal is to increase all by at least 50%

Cardio: I started running on off days (3km) and plan to increase that bit by bit. swimming for an hour a day 3-4 days a week.

Result…slow but steady weight loss and small strength gains. Dead tired in the evenings and a pissed of girlfriend.

What else can I do, or what should I change, to maximize results in the time allotted?

Yeah stronglifts is not going to cut it, move on to 5/3/1 or this:

Check out Alphas/Brian Alsruhe’s logs -first couple was training for special forces on crazy sleep schedule…

Try Biotest’s Alpha Male for T-levels and improved well being

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Thanks man. 5/3/1 looks interesting and fits in with the research I’ve done. I’ll look into this more will certainly consider this program. At first glance, Alpha’s pretty heavy on the assistance lifts and seems to stress burning yourself out in the gym on every workwork. Maybe I’m misinterpreting but that seems kinda counter productive for the average joe. But I’ll keep reading and learning and thank you again for the input.

Do you have experience with Biotest’s Alpha Male? I’m pretty leary about the whole OTC test booster formulas. Be interested to hear some real life experiences.

Your calories are too low. Aim for 2300

You are not even following your present program. What badger mention is light years ahead

Good luck.

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A second for 5/3/1, but if you’re getting success from linear progression of a 5x5 then I’d stick with that for a while since it’s very simple. When you hit a wall then break out the spreadsheet and switch to 5/3/1. I’d still go ahead and read 5/3/1, and get everything in place for the switch.

In the meantime, consider adding a sled, sandbag, and/or carries to the running on conditioning days. Just build up methodically rather than trying to ramp up all at once. You have 10 months and you’re 42. An injury will destroy progress like nothing else.

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Roger that. Makes sense to me to get it ready and make the switch when I hit a wall with 5x5. I really like idea of adding the sandbag too. I use to do that back in my army days and had awesome endurance. Miss those days when injury was the last thing on my mind! Thank you sunn…

Thanks JFG. I’ve have been rethinking the calorie intake and I plan on consulting a nutritionist in the near future. I don’t think my weight loss has been dramatic but man are my energy levels low. Not sure what you mean by not following my present program though. I’m doing the 5x5 exactly as written and track it in the app. Can you clarify?

Ok yeah I should have prefaced that the main thing is the progression model for the main lifts in the last 6mins or so ie 4x8, 5x5, then 10x3 (10x3 very powerful btw).

Giant sets and assistance is up to you -If you try the giant sets you’ll feel gassed for a few weeks but after that your conditioning and work capacity will go through the roof. Slices off fat like crazy also.

Just doing couple assistance moves as normal for high reps say 4x12 is fine also.

Alpha Male good stuff -saw real size gains but feel a lot better with it -more energy, slightly more assertive/aggressive, libido up etc. Natural ingredients and way more tame than any protocol where you inject. Over 35 forum a good place to ask questions for naturally raising T also

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Yeah people report hitting a wall all the time with stronglifts -youre getting burnt out from training too close to the nerve every workout

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SL is 5 lbs a workout, not a week.

Most beginners stall at two plates unless they change something.

And please, look at your diet more closely. I know you want to loose fat, but you are too aggressive and will just loose drive.

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Ah, yes, I have been adding 5lb a workout…I misspoke on the first post. Good catch.