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Help Me to Reach 198lb at My 1rep Max


i am a kayak sprinter and i live in chile, my situation is this, our kayak sprint coach is starting training me and my partners with 1rep max and my rep max is very low for my age,weight and height, i have 17 year old, weight 160 pounds and my 1rep max in bench press is 138 please somebody help me with some workout or something else to lift more weight, please. i'm thinking about doing some grease to groove

monday: 1x1 100% 3x3 at 85%
tuesday: 3x2 90%
wednesday 3x1 95%
friday light work 4-5 sets of 1 at 80%
thank you.


Greasing the groove is a good idea in my opinion; you will improve so much just through constantly honing your technique.

However if I were you; I would work with lower weights and higher volume. At least 5 reps a set. At your strength level I really don't think working max singles will do you much good.

If all you care about is you bench max I would suggest training it 3 days a week with a days rest in between. Do a heavy day of maybe 5x5. Do a light day 5x10-12 and a moderate day of 5x8. On the heavy day use your strongest grip and vary the width for the other two days. If you get all of the reps on the 5x5 then add a bit of weight next week until you get all of those reps; then add some more the following week. But make conservative increases.

Also make sure you do lots of rows and chins after your bench work to help prevent imbalances and injuries.

Just so you know: I am NOT a strength coach, so decide for yourself whether to take my advice.

Really, the best thing you could do is pick up a beginner's strength programme, which have been named on here countless times, and follow that.


Edit: just as an added note, don't rush it, allow your body to get stronger, don't just see how heavy you can go every session. Good luck.


thank you i will take your advice, calisthenic work really well for my i was stucked on 110 pound and after i start to doing a lot of pull up my strength improve some pounds. greetings from chile.


Hey buddy! I'd look up Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" routine or Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 routine for a structured and efficient program for increasing your bench press, deadlift, and squat. These are all you'll need to increase your strength, lean body mass, and overall size.

A 300 bench, 400 deadlift, and 400 squat are excellent goals before you move on to other programs that these.

Other than that, you will need to eat some insane amount of food...and I mean you stuff yourself every single day on nutrient dense food, particularly protein rich. You'll want to eat close to 200 grams protein a day on this diet.

Many people drink a gallon of milk a day besides meals to gain weight. I went from 185 at 15% to 225 at 18% in 18 months doing these things.


Yes, generally speaking you don't need any advanced methods until you have been kicking ass with a 1.25Xbw bench, a 2Xbw squat, and a 2Xbw deadlift for some time now. But once you get them the conjugate method (without accommodating resistance, that is really only good for people who know their shit, and can consistently hit rep after rep with good form) is one of the best things you can ever do.

Food is also very, very important. Get some carbs (fruit for example) preworkout, and a lot of calories post workout. Make sure to always get a minimum of 1Xbw protein, and try to shoot for around 1.5Xbw. Fat in your diet is also very good.