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Help Me to Plan First Cycle's PCT - Sustanon Only PCT

Hello guys. I am determined to do my first cycle

I am 32 years old. Have some decent BB past

Currently around 100KG and started losing weight with a diet until the cycle

Here my current blood test results. Do i need to get checked anything else?

15/11/2018	Total Testesteron	**4.07	ng/ml**	0,86 - 7,88	
15/11/2018	Prolaktin	**10.72	ng/ml**	2,1 - 17,7	
15/11/2018	Progesteron	**0.56	ng/ml**	0,28 - 1,22	
15/11/2018	Lüteinleştiren Hormon (Lh)	**5.47	mIU/mL**	 1,5 - 9,3	
15/11/2018	Kortizol	**14.67	ug/dl**		
15/11/2018	Fsh	**4.77	mIU/mL**	1,4 - 18,1	
15/11/2018	Estradiol	**33.70	pg/ml**	0 - 39,8	
15/11/2018	Tsh	**1.18	uIU/mL**	0,35 - 5,5	
15/11/2018	Free T4	**1.17	ng/dl**	0,89 - 1,76	
15/11/2018	Free T3	**3.35	pg/ml**	2,3 - 4,2	
15/11/2018	Folat	**10.61	ng/ml**	> 5,38	
15/11/2018	Ferritin	**102.5	ng/ml**	22 - 322	
15/11/2018	25-Hidroksi Vitamin D	**21.05	ng/ml**	> 20	
15/11/2018	Laktik Dehidrogenaz (Ldh)	**240	U/L**	208 - 378	
15/11/2018	Creatinine	**1.14	mg/dl**	0,70 - 1,30					

So here my cycle plan
12 weeks
Each week 500 mg Sustanon
Each week 2 shots so it will be 250+250
I will use Whey protein, creatine, l-carnitin (any other supplement do i need?)

Here comes my question
For this cycle plan me a PCT

When to start PCT?
What use at the PCT?
Which doses take in PCT?

So please suggest me a full PCT plan
Thank you very much

The reason why i choose sustanon only is it is the only one i can get from official pharma stores in Turkey

3 years ago my testo was 5.12 :frowning:

holy shit, you’re ref range states 87ng/dl is normal lol. Was the test taken in the morning or afternoon? Do you have symptoms of low T, if not then don’t worry about it

totally agreed with ref range :slight_smile:

i did in the morning. i dont know if having sex matters because i am married

what are the symptoms of low T?

also i am working out 5 days a week (split) and i never can fully recover :smiley: always tired (always pushes my limits)

You are not ready for gear. If you cant plan or done your own research for a PCT, you are not ready for steroids. You are willing to put your health on the line on the word of an internet stranger.

Do some of your own research first.


what you are saying is illogical newbvet

doing my search will be also word of an internet stranger lol :slight_smile:

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I am sorry it doesnt make sense to you. I thought you being a grown ass man, you wouldn’t need spoon fed. You could atleast research your own PCT and then ask if others thought it was acceptable or within the norms.

Getting the opinion of others is different than telling others to just do it for you. If I was planning it, I would ask for multiple opinions on what is considered a proper PCT then form my own plan. I might even check for DR.'s opinions on PCT.
Look I did some research for you. Are you ok with watching videos and learning?

guys do you think this PCT would be sufficient?

2 weeks after last injection

day 1 : 100mg
day 2-11: 60mg
day 12-21: 40mg

do you think i should use Clomid too?

Wow. No. After a good meme we here told you to do more research you came back with that?

if you guys have experience what dont you share?

you see if 100 different experienced guy is telling the same thing, it is more likely to be true

that is why i am asking experienced people

But you can just read the stickies that outline the various PCT protocols. And in none of them will there be a guideline that tells you to use 100mg of Nolva at any point. Nor will you find one that says to only run out a PCT for 21 days. It’s almost as if you didn’t bother to do any research at all. If you want help then you can start by helping yourself. People here will be happy to give advice and perspective, but nobody wants to spoon feed new members when the information is available in dozens of places within this forum. It makes you look lazy, and lazy people generally don’t motivate us too much.

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still looking for suggestions

what do you think about this plan?

solo enough?

after 3 weeks of last sustanon injection

week 1 : 40 mg nolvadex + 50 mg clomid
week 2 and 3 : 20 mg nolvadex + 25 mg clomid

what do you say guys?

Skip the Clomid. The more time passes the more guys are getting away from it. It works wells, but the side effects are not great.

Run the Nolva one of two ways:

The second way seems to be catching on. Guys get fewer mental sides from the lower dose and it works well when run out longer. 40 seems to be the point where guys start to really notice the mental part kicking in, so the logical thing is to simply skip that size dose. Personally I’d say the first way is the most tested and known version of a Nolva pct, but you can make up your own mind.

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thanks both seems reasonable

so you suggest to use 6 weeks nolva PCT. dont you think 6 weeks is long?

I think four weeks is the way to go. I just wanted to lay out the two schools of thought on this topic and let you choose your preference.

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so here my latest plan

12 weeks, weekly 500 mg sustanon, it is 2x250 mg per week
12 weeks, 0.25 mg arimidex once in a 2 days to prevent any possible gyno and water retention

21 days after the last injection of sustanon, start PCT as below

week 1 and 2 : 40 mg nolvadex
week 3 and 4 : 20 mg nolvadex

what are your opinions?

I dont want to use HCG

I will do blood test before , in and after of the cycle

That looks good.

I decided to add HCG as well after more research

So latest version of the plan is as below

12 weeks, weekly 500 mg sustanon, it is 2x250 mg per week
12 weeks, 0.25 mg arimidex once in a 2 days to prevent any possible gyno and water retention
Starting from week 3, for 10 weeks, once every 4 days 300iu HCG. HCG will be ended same time as sustanon injection

21 days after the last injection of sustanon, start PCT as below

week 1 and 2 : 40 mg nolvadex
week 3 and 4 : 20 mg nolvadex

Is HCG that important? If anything it’ll keep balls from shrinking but it doesn’t help with PCT as far as I know … any thoughts ?

I believe it makes your natural production recovery easier if you use during cycle

This is also sense making