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Help Me to Get the Right Amount of T

In my country there is just two option available testoviron depot 250mg in 1ml bottle and 100mg in 1ml bottel so how i can inject twice a week 50mg? 100mg twice a week is too much for me
2ndly its hurts like bitch i dnt knw how u people inject EOD im duing IM in buttock and its hurts 3 to 4 days

Any one here? I come to this forum for lot hope

I have no clue why you are injecting into the butt, it’s the old school way of doing injections and risk hitting the sciatic nerve. We inject using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads. If you have a 100mg vial you fill the syringe to .5 which is 50mg.

I inject EOD and feel no pain at all, this wouldn’t be the case if I followed what my doctor had trained me to do with the 1.5" 18 gauge syringes.

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Because in my country (pakistan) doc are noy update even doc told me to inject in butt deep he mention again u have to take it deep and bow i knw its all stone age method
Thnx for reply one question so i inject 0.5 n remaining liquid waste or i can store it in syringe fo next week?

Your doctor is just saying the injection has to be deep because he was told that by someone else, there’s no knowledge attached to what he’s saying, clinical experience is where doctors learn how to do TRT, not some outdated guideline written decades ago.

I was told by a doctor that even the questionnaires they must answer on many of the tests must be answered wrong to get it correct, ridiculous.

You can store T in syringe for a week in a cool dry place.

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My last question so i fill 0.5ml in syringe and shot it what i do to remaining 0.5ml its waste or i can store it in syringe for next shot

You can store T in syringe in cool dry place until it’s time for your next injection. Odds are you may need to move to two or more injection per week.

What size needles are you using? Most use 23g 1 inch needles without difficulty. Some larger guys use 1.5 inch needles, but they are usually obese. Regardless, you should not be experiencing any pain, certainly not for 3-4 days. Using correct location, more laterally than posteriorly?

Some use the thigh, lateral aspect of the quad.

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I use 24g but its hurt i dnt knw why even i go to clinic n they inject but still hurts

I never allow someone to force me to go out of my way for a simple injection. That’s 52 visits per year.

In the end it’s a business and their in it to make money, in this case it’s an inconvenience for you and it may be giving you less than optimal results.