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Help Me Talk to My Doc

Hello, was hoping I could get some advice on better asserting myself with my doctor. I like him, and I also like the fact that my insurance takes him and pays for my meds. In the past nine months with him I’ve been on 160mg a week, 200mg a week and now 100mgx2 a week. My doc is a big pusher of AI’s, over the past nine months I’ve learned how to take them based on how my body is reacting, bloating, acne etc. Forgot to mention I also take HCG 3x a week.

out of all the protocols I’ve been on the best I started to feel was on a straight 200mg. I honestly felt like I was getting somewhere. I started putting on mass, more energy during the day, sex drive was pretty good. All my lifts were going up and my overall strength was increasing.

I feel like with my past history I am a candidate for higher dosing. Even 150x2 a week. I’m having trouble justifying sticking myself twice a week, and not getting the mental or physical benefits of TRT anymore. on 100x2 I feel pre trt.

Do doctors prescribe higher than 200mg? If so, is there any advice on how I should approach asking? The highest I’ve ever seen my numbers on shot day was 900. 900 is good but where I start to feel better is when I spike above 1000. Worried I’m gonna start buying online to supplement the extra I need.

Without blood work, it’s hard to give advice.

The fact you’re feeling great at 200mg once per week is good. You may feel ever better on more. But, with more test comes more risk. You want to ultimately feel good on the lowest dose possible.

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I personally feel best on straight test as well. No AI, no HCG. Just test. Sounds like you found what works for you. Do labs show favorably on this protocol?

The ‘honeymoon’ period is normal. I’ve learned you can try to chase it but its short lived. Some can rekindle that temporary dopamine boost by running even higher doses but even if it worked it would still be short lived.

A lot of them will especially if your labs are still within range on your peak days. Thats assuming you go to a mens clinic. GPs and Endos will generally already scoff at your current labs. I’m skeptical that more test is going to alleviate any current conditions. I’ve run the whole gamut of doses from my TRT dose which is currently 120mg/wk to a few blasts of up to 500mg/wk. I did not feel any better or elation from the higher doses. I DID feel great going from low T to my TRT dose but that only lasted about 2-3 months. Then my normal moody self re-emerged.

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What is your free testosterone?

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My last labs I believe my free T was around 90 and my total test was 900. Problem was my cholesterol spiked to 240 and my hematocrit went to 15.5. I think some of that was due to no activity during quarantine. Anyway, doc split my dose because my hematocrit and cholesterol spiked. I told him I felt great. His response was, everyone feels great till they have a stroke. I gave blood 3 months ago and my hematocrit is back to 13.

I go to a clinic. My doc is cool, treats powerlifters, bodybuilders and athletes. Seems like he knows his stuff. I kind of feel like I fell for something. I was worried this was going to plateau, and that this wouldn’t be a sustained good feeling. Now I feel like I’m stuck because I rather feel a little good then go back to having 120 test. I do labs again next week, and see my doc on the 27th. If more isn’t going to help, why am I even doing this? I’m just classing that initial six month boost like some junkie.

Cholesterol of 240 is not that high, especially if your HDL is high and your triglycerides are low. What were your HDL and triglycerides?

Hematocrit of 13 and 15? Usually these numbers are much higher. Mine is 48. The range on my labs is 37.5-51.0

Also should include here. I’m active, I lift, have visible obliques and abs, veins in my forearms and appear to be somewhat lean for being 5’11 191 pounds. I eat pretty well and try to be disciplined in the gym. I lift for health and aesthetics as well as meet with a powerlifting group on the weekends.

Drugs are all around me. Pharma and underground. I really just don’t wanna fall into that because I see what it does mentally to the dudes I train with. I just wanna stick to doctor test and monitoring.

PLing has a lot of this. I do PLing and am on TRT, but have run a really light cycle (325 mg test, with 50 var for the last 7 weeks). It becomes much more tempting when you are already shut down, and are already pinning.

I will do some more cycles, but I plan on keeping them moderate at the most. I think one is better off if they can stay away from the blast temptation, but I want the big lifts, and the muscles that go with them. At the same time, I know I am not going to be a WR holder, so prioritizing health makes the most sense for me.

Found my labs from April! Total test on 200mg a week was 840 on my lowest day. Free T was 180! Estradiol was 40

Triglycerides 165

LDL 172

Cholesterol total 247, HDL was 44.

Chol/hdlc ratio 5.6H - Non HDL cholesterol 203H. Can’t find my SHBG.

LDL is a bit high. If your HDL was 80 and Triglycerides were 50 I would say don’t worry about it. Even still the data on cholesterol is mixed. There was a big push to get under 200 so big pharma could put more people on statins. Google total cholesterol and all cause mortality. Multiple studies showing ideal cholesterol for longevity is 200-250.

If your doc is “cool” just talk to him about what you want to do. If you want to give 150x2/week a trial run just ask. Or ask “do you think there’s some room to bump the dose for a few months to see how you feel”. Something like that.

If your lipids are getting out of whack, take a statin or something else if you’re adverse to that to control lipids. High dose niacin can be a fun experience, but it’s cheap and over the counter, build up to the theraputic dose, don’t just jump to it.
As usual, not a doc, not medical advice.

Personally I would avoid statins at all cost.

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Thanks I’ll look that up!

Thanks! I’ll read up on niacin.

There’s other side effects besides the flush to be aware of and it appears that it’s only the Nicotinic Acid version of niacin, not the other(s) that work.

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