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Help Me Switch It Up

For the past 5-6 years I have always run a 4 or 5 month cycle of Test Cyp and Eq. I throw in things like masteron and tren during that time as well. But my bread and butter is always Test Cyp with EQ. I’ve also used Test E as well. (No major difference). Just curious to see if anyone out there would have some ideas on switching it up. I don’t see how I’d really be able to switch up the test and EQ considering it’s a lean muslce building and body fat dropping cycle. “Cut cycle”… god I hate that terminology lol. Any suggestions boys?

I suggest you continue to do what’s been working for you. You’ve found a good stack that gives you what you’re looking for. That’s nirvana, man. It’s tempting to try to see what’s on the other side of the mountain, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll like what you see over there. I say just keep doing what works.

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Ever tried Tren? IMO, its the king of all steroids but it comes with a price. I felt like I was 18 again when on. Eat anything I wanted and it turned into muscle. But it definitely comes with a price (anxiety, anger, mood swings, night sweats, insomnia)

If you can source it try dhb / dihydroboldenone / 1-test.
It is the reductase form of boldenone / eq. Basically it is to EQ what DHT is to test. It has a 200 anabolic rating and a 100 Androgenic rating. People say it’s like weak tren or strong primo. It’s one of my favorites and I would say that those comparisons are accurate but do not do it justice. I swear that when I am on it my muscles look like I am constantly flexing that or some one hooked them up to an air compressor and increased the pressure.
I have never ran it very high but around 300 mgs a week I definitely gained lean mass. My next run with it I am contemplating actually following the online advise and going to 500-600 window. I just always assume the internet advise is for low dosed crappy UGL lable claimed dosage. As in they say 500 but that is if the bottle only doses 70-80% of the claimed concentration.

When I combine it with tren, and of course a test base, then about three weeks into the cycle I feel like my muscle mass is made of marble or granite. I have yet to have any other combination or compound give me any type of feeling like that. It’s like the muscle just stays at a 80-90% pump all of the time.

Your spot on iron_yuppie lol. I had a feeling that would be a legit and honest response. Thanks for always replying as well. Your always a big help with your posts. But as you know even though I have been running this protocol for 5-6 years and have it down to a science we are always looking for new ideas and never satisfied lol. Always looking to get dryer/harder/leaner/bigger lol. My diet is on point and cardio is down to a T, so I’m like ok what else is out there haha. Thanks to everyone else for the replies, if people still have advice or suggestions keep them coming!!! Lol