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Help Me Survive,Spike the Answer?


I have a major biology test coming up tomorrow, and time's catching up with me. Last night I had about 2 hours of sleep, and my brain feels molested by all the reading. Spike and caffeine helped me through yesterday, and has helped me to this hour today.

To learn everything I need to learn, I HAVE to stay up tonight also. Problem is, 2 hours of sleep in 2 nights makes me slightly retarded, and I'll perform lousy despite all the studying I've done.

So basically I'm left with two options:
1. Get some sleep and settle myself with mediocre results.
2. Spike.

I have a couple of capsules left, and I'm wondering if they could possibly make up for all the sleep I'd lose.



If you've paid any semblance of attention to lectures throughout the semester and if you have adequate sleep, your brain should do a good enough job of recalling the information you learned and hopefully used at some point or another.

My suggestion: sleep, and then Spike before the exam.

Seriously, my philosophy with things like this is to go to bed super early, and wake up super early (like 3 or 4AM) and start working then. I don't care how much of a night owl you are, your brain will function better after you've slept for 7 or 8 hours.

By the way, what the hell are you doing on a bodybuilding message board when you should be studying?? Slacker!

(This coming from a guy that just whipped up a 15-minute long presentation in the hour and a half before class started.)


Have you considered cheating or getting a serious injury to avoid the test?


After rereading, it seems you've put in mediocre efforts. Therefore, you deserve mediocre results.


I'd have to agree with chrismcl. Get some sleep. Stimulants may help you feel more alert, but that doesn't mean your going to be at 100%.


I have actually put in a lot of efforts, and have a pretty good overall understanding of the pensum. However, a series of coincidences have forced me spend only two days reading, when I should have used two weeks. A basic, or even comprehensive understanding, just isn't enough. Certain things like advanced chemistry and complicated diagrams fade away from memory after a while, and has to be refreshed few day prior to tests. Problem is, there's 350 pages of them.

I do however agree with you on the sleeping, and have used some of the same "tactics" you swear to. What I was asking was if Spike could, to a degree, replace sleep. Stupid question, too sleepy.


Get the good night worth of rest.

Just make sure to set an alarm clock, and about 3 more on your cell phone. When you're that tired, your body is going to want to sleep a long ass time.

You wouldnt have to worry about Spike or studying if you sleep thru it.