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Help Me Sue Verizon!


SO they took 310 dollars out of my account when I made a payment online.

THEY claimed to never have recieved it despite what is shown on my statement.


THEY say well We dont find anything on our end despite the statements you have provided so we are going to have to close the case!



How did they take money out of your account? Do you have automatic payments set up?


did you receive a payment confirmation #?


I have the same problem,only they double billed me and then they took money out of my account and said I never paid and then after doing that sent me to collections.
I "owe" them over 1800 dollars on a business account.

I am getting help from my state Atty. General you might want to call them.
Possibly,there is enough people they have done this to in your area to bring a class action on them.


yet another reason I'm glad to have AT&T




AT&T was good when I had them in washington state

I liked them

another one i have had no problems with at all was T-mobile
only some places I travel to for family and stuff the coverage area sucks.

My sister has sprint/nextel and loves them

sorry for being off topic here just giving some better suggestions than the whole "can you hear me now" its the network ripping you off guy


Many small claims courts have a simple form you can fill out to file. Check out your local county courthouse.

Order "Represent Your Self in Court" by Nolo press.It is a real goldmine if you are new to this.

There are many resources for the Pro-se litigant including Debtorboards.com and jurisdictionary.com


Also before you decide to litigate, planetfeedback.com may be able to help you get this resolved.


sorry I made an online payment! and meant to say it posted with confirmation its even on my statement! 310 bucks paid to VErizon!

IF I go to small claims court , who do I serve the paper work to? how can I be sure they show up?

i'll try the attorney generals office! how do I go through that route? just call them and make a complaint?


You can easily find out who their registered agent to serve papers to is by contacting your states Secretary of State. Frequently a quick internet search.

If they don't show up, you can get a default judgment against them. At which point I would take a local deputy to their store to collect. Very easy. Taking their plasma down for payment would get your point across very fast.

You seem slightly intimidated and very unfamiliar with the process. If you are going to undertake this yourself please research it. Otherwise opt for an attorney.


A little piece of paper delivered by a process server will get their attention VERY fast. I am 99% sure you will not get a default judgment.


Burn down the head office.

I'm not even kidding.


This seems like the most reasonable/logical solution.


yes this seems to be.
but if you want to go the Atty.General route which wont hurt they may even help you get through the right channels to get into court on this.
Just call up your Atty. Generals office ask them what you need to do because verizion ripped you off.

then you will be transfered many places,and asked the same thing over and over and you will explain your story to several people.
in the end you will find out who is the proper one to speak with and how to get the ball rolling on this. its a hassle but its worth it IMO.


No it doesn't. That's stupid advice. What if he burns himself?


Then he will sue Verizon for forcing him to take such extreme measures that resulted in injury.


Exactly. You can't lose man!


That's pretty funny that your having problems with them...cause I'm having problems with them too. I hate verizon, I think I'm just gonna pay the opt out of contract fee. My issue would take forever to type but if you decide to sue them...I hope you win...fuck'em


and when I win I will opt out! I have att also for work and they are way better!