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Help me spread my lats

I see that some guys have these spreading lats. I like that look but my lats don’t seem to be getting wider but thicker. I train them in a fast twitch fashion (5-10 reps). I do barbell and dumbell rows, and wide grip pullups. I was wondering should I train them in a slow twitch manner because I heard that the lats were mostly slow twitch. Or should I just add more volume. I want to fly so help me grow my wings.

Try Changing your wide grip pull-ups in the following manner. First determine your grip. To do that, movr your upper arms until they are parallel to the floor and your forearms are at right angle to them. This is how wide you should grip the bar. Now you begin your pull just short of a full hang and slowly with your elbows out to the side (on an even plan to your body) pull-up until you can touch the bar just under your nose. Hold for the count of two and slowly lower youself until jsut short of full hang. The elbows MUST stay out to the sides at all times!!! If your are doing this right you will see the Teres Major muscles making a quarter circle from the upper rib cage to the bottoms of your upper arms. Work up to three to four sets in your rep range. Also check out Larry Scott’s website site. For someone with a blocky frame he bulit an impressive lat sweep. Best of Luck.

"I train them in a fast twitch fashion (5-10 reps)."

Dude… start again at issue #1 and let me know when you get caught up.

Genetics again. Try building your delts and reducing your waist. The “V” effect will be there.

I agree with Ike, do some reading then ask yourself this question. Oh and a little hint, there is this thing called the FAQ section, check it out. After that, do a “S-E-A-R-C-H”. Best of luck, for “even teachers were once students.”

Try cable pull downs and seated low pulley cable rows with a narrow grip–altnernate between grip types every 3 weeks or so. I have put some spread on this way.

I mainly do deadlifts and narrow reverse grip pullups. I pull up until the bar hits my pec just below the clavicle. I found that once I got to the point where I was doing pullups with additional weight the width of my back increased noticably.

Poliquin’s “No More Geek Back Training” is where you wanna go. It’s in the FAQ along with other great back training articles.

Anyone here ever try the scapular chins? I amy be naming them wrong, but a good width pullup to the very top, then instaed of lowering, you push yourself away. youch!

Also try the “Modified Gymnast Routine” in one of T-mag’s Short Topic articles. A search will bring it up using T-mag’s search engine (not the forum one.) If you’ve never had your lats really sore, they will be after this routine.

Larry’s Weekly Training Tip:
Building Up Your Lower Lats!
Here’s something I just learned that’s wonderful for building lower lats. You’ll need access to a Life Fitness Chin & Dip machine to do it. Place your palms forward, thumbs on the same side as the fingers.

Set the pad assist weight to just enough weight to barely make one rep. Go very slow, maybe 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down. It’s important to arch the back and hold this arch throughout the exercise. Pull up until you hit the stops on the top of the dip machine. All the time hold maximum arch. Then slowly, lower all the way to the bottom. Don’t ever let go of the arch even at the very bottom.

Go as low as possible then repeat for 3 reps. This is a killer exercise and a lower lat monster. Be sure to do this only after you’ve completed all your other back work.

I love this exercise, it really gives you that exciting shelf on the bottom of your Lats. Not just a wedge shape, but curved in… like a heart. The kind of shape bodybuilders see and say WOW - How’d he get that!

Even approaching sixty he is still learning.