Help Me Spend $3,000 on a Home Gym

Hello everyone. I’m a long time experienced lifter and I’m looking to build a home gym in light of all this Covid madness. I’m a huge fan of Rogue due to the durability. What I want is a squat rack, bench, bar, bumper plates ( I like to oly ), kettlebells, and whatever else you may think could round it all out. How do I lift? I’m a power lifter who throws in HIIT to round out my fitness ( can’t stand the big/bulky feel…need some athleticism ). So I throw in box jumps, wall balls, ball slams, etc. What equipment will provide lasting performance for years to come ( without rusting out, etc ). Thanks!

It’ hard to come by equipment lately.

Not sure how deeply you’ve looked at Rogue’s website but they have packages with just about everything you described.

Back before the world ended, they had a sale during which I picked up a SML-2 90" with an Ohio bar and 310# of bumber plates and a couple kettlebells thrown in and some other add ons.

Spent just south of $1500 and fits nicely in my garage. Very happy with my purchase especially when the shit hit the fan…

I will say that this is very true at the moment - I’ve been trying to get change plates (5s 10s etc.) for a few months and everywhere I look is sold out … no one is selling on secondary marketplaces either…that I’ve come across.

The lightest kettlebell currently available on Rogue’s site right now is 176lbs.

You may be best off scouring local classified like craiglist. I think a few things have happened lately to make this a wacky situation.

  1. Everyone bought up everything a few months ago, so availability is limited from normal places like Rogue.
  2. People are beginning to feel more economic pain, so items like weight sets will be the first to go.

If I had that much to spend on home setup, I’d be looking out for the glut of people dumping all of the stuff they bought in the last few months. Especially for your plates or something like adjustable dumbbells.

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This is not a good time to build a gym. Try Rogue notification lists for rack/equipment you want. Rouge is now coming back slowly and all their stuff presently sells FAST to the guys on their notification lists. Until you eventually find long term quality plate sets, consider alternative weights like sandbags, chains, kettlebells, heavy bands. Good luck.

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Holy hell you guys are right. I can’t find SHIT.

Try Facebook Marketplace/ I got an Ohio bar, a Pendlay bar, a set of bunpers (Including change plates), a pile of DB’s, and an Assaut Fitness airbike all from one guy that was moving for a job. Just a few weeks ago. $1450 for everything which is a lot less than retail. I could have had a Glute Ham and Pendlay rack too if I had had space to haul it.

I’m excited to see what comes on the local market xyz months from now when the equipment market regulates. Should be some good deals.

Good luck at finding what you want without paying double the price or more.

Yea, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for this - I actually recently bought a 4x8 oly platform for $85 off a guy who was moving … it’s nice and sturdy and fits perfectly in my garage …

Still need a reasonable price on some 5s and 10s though …

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If you want to blow some money you could get some of those foam pad setups for your box jumps. Get a nice big one with enough room to lay down on for floor presses without having to lay down on the floor. And for whatever ab stuff you want to do.

I got lucky with power-systems. Got everything but my squat rack and the second, flat bench. One issue though. I ordered “Diamond Pro” bumper plates, and instead what showed up was “Wright Equipment” crumb bumper plates. They didn’t ask me if I was ok with the substitution, but I did some research and they seem solid. Anyone familiar with the differences?

Equipment is getting in stock slowly but surely. For some reason, dumbbells are taking their time though. I know this was a while back when the thread was started but for an updated opinion, it would be wise to just wait until people decide to sell their stuff on craigslist if you can. There is going to be a lot of people who impulse bought when the gyms were closed that are now going to sell more than likely. Patience is key.