help me settle an argument with a friend


I have a friend, age 29 who had his blood check and got total T - 226.0. he was freaked out by this as he was told its way to low and wanted to boost it up. I advised on using vitex or tribex but he wants to take some nolva, low dosage(10-20mg ED), for 8 weeks. he never did steroids before, although he was a long time ECA user, dont know if relevant.

who’s right?

What does Nolvadex have to do with raising T-levels?

I think nolva can boost lh though not as significantly as clomid. I’d give tribe/M a shot and if it failed go after clomid if he can tolerate it.
I notice a lot of low t with long time ephedrine users. I hate that stuff personally.

Clomid maybe but Nolva?..Thank god he has never juiced before…
Someone needs to eju-me-cate hime Glute!

It’d be interesting, in a case study sort of way, if he finished a bottle of tribex and then had his doc retest his blood levels. Then post the results here.

all those who advise clomid over nolva, take a look here:

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Nolvadex is used by some post cycle in place of clomid.

check this out also

Im starting to think my friend maybe right…

I only use nolvadex post cycle. Works just fine for me. I also know some well respected members of this forum that do exactly the same. Nolva and clomid are very similar, and some argue that nolva is superior (i would be one of them). My opinion anyway.

yeah, above I was saying to try clom cause I thought it’s all he had.
But Nolv is all I use post cycle.
I hate clomid sides and nolv does the trick for me.