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Help Me Read! (Book Recommendations)


Hey everyone I wanted to have a post here so EVERYONE here could help me out to read books. My mind is SO absorbed with lifting/muay thai/work..everyday same thing for the last 2 years doing the exact same thing and my mind needs to read and be free..to think things through, to ponder, everything..my mind just needs more shit than just lift, punch, kick, eat, work. no mind.

I need my imagination to explore beacuse the world is big and there's more out there than just what I do everyday so if ANYONE could please direct me to some awesome books I'd really appreciate and will buy it RIGHT away on the internet amazon.com lol.
Preferabbly REAL life books though.

Books really about anything.
Life - Sacrifice - Loyalty..there must be tons of books on this during the old wars that used to happen. So I guess that would fall under
History - War
Different countries - how they live etc.
lol i can`t think of anymore but I know there is more! so feel free to chime in on it so I can get to reading!
I bought The book of Five Rings..and am starting to read that now, it looks pretty good.
Alright thanks a lot everyone, I will be checking this thread multiple times at night :slightly_smiling:


Bluefingers: A Ninjas Tale by Cheryl Whitesal(?)
And if you like basketball
Box Out by John Coy
Oh and
"Book Of Five Fings" by Miyato Musashi (i fucked the name up)


A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Marley and Me

Band of Brothers


From Baen free library: Ghost by John Ringo

Military techno-thriller, terrorist asskicking, babes and general awesomeness. You can't complain either because it's free.. plenty of sequels as well.


It err also featuress a lengthy and rather graphic sex scene in the middle, but if that's not your thing you can just skip it.

I recommend the Microsoft Reader format.


Ha I read the Five rings like 15 years ago. I used to have a weiner dog named Miyamoto, named for the author.
Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. I pretty much only read fiction.


Atlas Shrugged.


I just picked up "When March Went Mad" by Seth Davis.

It's about the 1979 NCAA tourney, Magic vs. Bird. Haven't bent a page yet but I'm excited to start it.


My fav book is a must read for all of man kind



Catch-22 - Joseph Heller

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Any biography of Teddy Roosevelt

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

The 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene

Anthem - Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

Anything by Neil Degrasse Tyson

A Briefer History of Time - Stephen Hawking

The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King

Notes from Underground - Fyodor Doestoyevsky

and a whole lot more ...


Ex Machina.

The world's first and only superhero, who, in the wake of his actions on 9/11, is elected Mayor of New York City. The story is set during Hundred's term in office, and interwoven with flashbacks to his past as the Great Machine. Through this, the series explores both the political situations Hundred finds himself in, and the mysteries surrounding his superpowers.


There is a city.

A glorious and singular place. Old and yet pristine. Ornate and yet streamlined. A metropolis of now and then and never was.

Burnely Ellsworth founded it in 1864, using the riches he'd amassed gem mining in Australia. With that in mind, he named his creation after that which had given him wealth.

And so Opal City stands, glorious and singular.


George R R Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Yeah I know, weird sounding series name. Incredible story though, political intrigue, violence, sex, etc everything a good story needs.

series so far...
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows


Hell yeah, A song of Ice and Fire is the shit. However, stop after book 3, and wait for the sequels to come out. The first 3-books won't leave you hanging (in terms of cliffhangers).

If you like fantasy, check out the Malazan series, and, of course, for sci-fi: Dune.

Also.. Definitely read something by the guy in my Avatar (Hunter S. Thompson). Amazing journalist, INCREDIBLY fun and original.



I'd also recommend the sci fi classics- Ender's Game, Dune, Starship Troopers, Stranger in a Strange Land. The Dark Beyond the Stars is one I read recently that's stuck with me.


LONE SURVIVOR - true story of the some of the most amazing heroism you will ever read told by a navy seal.


Atlas Shrugged.


Almost anything by John Irving, Tobias Wolff, and Cormac McCarthy.


awesome, thanks everyone. I've been checkin many of these books out. I don't care how much money I spend. I've already started reading lol.
Keep the books coming :)!


If GRR Martin pulls a R. Jordan and dies before finishing, I will flip shit and probably break something.


[quote]bluefingas wrote:
Bluefingers: A Ninjas Tale by Cheryl Whitesal(?)
And if you like basketball
Box Out by John Coy
Oh and
"Book Of Five Fings" by Miyato Musashi (i fucked the name up)[

Gorin No Sho, By Miyamoto Musashi, good advice!!^_^
Art of war
Another books that i've read are in spanish or french, so I don't know if they exist in english...