Help Me Reach My Goal


I started working out 12 weeks ago.
I have been getting these results right now:
Squat 40-85 kg
Bench 40-70 kg
Row 30 - 65 kg

My weight 78 - 92 kg
Heigh is 183 cm and 20 years old




Im thinking about cutting 5-6 kg, and from there on lean bulk to i reach my goal. Is that possible you think?
Diet is simple: Beef 500 gram with vegetables and oilolive.
A shake with 4 eggs, 100 gram oats, 100 gram peanutbutter, 1 banan, 30 ml oil, and 500 ml milk.
Through the day Fruit and milk.

working out 3-6 days a week.

You’re asking if you can lose weight. How is this not possible? What do you need in terms of help?

This :slight_smile: Its it possible to reach the physique, this Way?

Finally someone other than me who wants to be a jacked black dude!

That’s some nice progress you’ve got there. If I were you, I would just keep my calories as they are and work from there. Burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time is a slow progress but I’d pick that over continuous bulking and cutting any day.

Considering you’re 6ft to get properly built like that guy youre going to have get up to 220-240lbs/100kg-110 without getting too sloppy, and then cut down.

Also prob need to be benching 315, squat 500 etc for a few reps

Also, get a membership at a tanning salon.

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Why are you gaining weight so quick? Cut that back to a .5kg/month.

14kg in 12 weeks is way too fast, and your strength gains could have been made without gaining any weight at all.