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Help me please!

WTF is with bedsheets anyway. It seems that no matter how much you spend on them they allways come out wrinkly in the laundry. I hate wrinkly sheets. I have tried it all. I only ask this question because I am a single parent of two boys and everything else I can take care of ok. I can cook, I can clean, I can make some wicked ass lunches for school. But the sheets thing…really pisses me off. Am I faced with ironing all these sheets every time I wash them? (Its just too expensive to buy new ones each time.)

Just pissed off with cotton!

Dude get some Snuggles…And Relax!!
Fabric Softener does the trick for me…Add the liquid to your wash and the little sheets to the dryer…

You need to hang them on a clothes line instead of leaving them to crinkle in the dryer…

Dude, seriously? You honestly get worked up over wrinkly sheets? My wife would never iron sheets…we don’t even own an ironing board anymore.

I guess we all have our little quirks, but that one’s kinda out there…

Ahh, the things T-men talk about…Sex, politics and bedsheets. Guess they all go together.

The key is to put them on your bed just after they are finished drying, while they are still warm.

I guess I was just a little pissed when I wrote this. When I bought the sheets the girls said “Oh no. these sheets wont wrinkle…oh no sir” I just needed to vent…shit I paid about$400.00 for them.
I always use the fabric sheets but have not tried softner.

Sorry for the wussy topic. I promise the next post will be about my penis or somthing.

Good, we’d expect nothing less.

$400.00 for sheets??? Did they come with a TV or something?

you paid 400.00 for sheets in Edmonton? Crazy. Go to Costco, dude. Secondly, life is too short and inherently tragic to worry about little things like that.

Well that included the pillow shams and bed skirt and I bought 2 sets of pillowcases… and they are egyptian cotton.
Dont worry, I saw sheet sets worth over $1000.00

Now, about my penis…

Take them out of the dryer as soon as they are done. Also, don’t pack the dryer, they need room to get their fluff on. I usually split the sheets into two loads. They will also wrinkle less as they get broken in.

Buy some of that wrinkle release spray it kicks ass.

Damn, that’s a lot of money for sheets.

Use fabric softener sheets. Get the sheets out of the dryer while they are still warm and fold them. If you smooth them out with your hands as you fold them they will cool without wrinkles in them. You’ll have some creases from the folding but you’ll have to suffer or get out the iron.

It’s seems to me the higher the thread count the more prone they are to hold a wrinkle, so more expensive sheets are more of a pain in the ass.

Thanks Guys…I am feeling better now.

Can I tell you about my penis now?

wow, i didnt know we had so many Martha Stewarts here.


Pillow shams? Bed skirt? WTF?

My sheets cost like 30 bucks and they have scooby doo on them. Do I worry about wrinkles??? Hell no… mainly because with scooby doo sheets nobody but me is ever going to use them.


Okay, fine, Harley, you can talk about your penis now…

…well, as long as it doesn’t involve the word “wrinkly”…

(Having accompanied my wife while shopping for sheets, I can vouch for the $400+ thing…disturbing, yes, but true. I’ll stick with my $200 sheets…and will still complain about paying that much…)

Ironically, more expensive sheets are more prone to wrinkle because they are 100% cotton. A cotton/poly blend won’t wrinkle as much, but are less comfortable. Take them out of the dryer right away, don’t pack the dryer too full. I’m a single dad too and laundry really gets to me, it just keeps coming.